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Translation of suspect in Spanish:

transitive verb

American English: /səˈspɛkt/
British English: /səˈspɛkt/
  • 1 1.1 (believe guilty)
    sospechar de
    whom do they suspect?
    ¿de quién sospechan?
    to suspect somebody of something/-ingI suspect him of the murder/robbery
    sospecho que es el asesino/ladrón
    we suspect him of lying
    sospechamos que miente
    Example sentences
    • Tom is suspected of dealing in stolen goods but the police have found it difficult to get evidence against him.
    • The court held that the person ought to be told that he or she was suspected of being over age, and be given a chance to explain his or her position.
    • I was suspected of being the leader of these people, and I needed a way to throw them off of my trail.
    1.2 (doubt, mistrust)
    dudar de
    tener dudas acerca de
    I rather suspect his motives
    tengo mis dudas acerca de sus motivos
    Example sentences
    • There wasn't any particular reason to suspect anything, I thought.
  • 2 2.1 (believe to exist) they suspect nothing
    no sospechan nada
    she suspects a plot
    sospecha que ha habido un complot
    arson is not suspected
    no existen sospechas de que el incendio haya sido provocado
    also: suspected past participle
    a suspected fracture
    una posible fractura
    the suspected murderer
    el presunto asesino
    he's suffering from suspected appendicitis
    se sospecha que lo que tiene es apendicitis
  • 3 (think probable)
    I suspected as much
    ya me lo imaginaba or figuraba
    to suspect (that)
    imaginarse que
    I suspected I'd find you here
    me imaginaba que te iba a encontrar aquí
    I suspect (that) it may be more serious than that
    me temo que pueda ser más grave
    Example sentences
    • It's not a bad idea but I suspect it'll take a crisis such as a property crash to make people change their habits.
    • Therefore, precautions should always be taken if the presence of asbestos is suspected.
    • Cases of this type include suspected heart attacks, broken limbs and appendicitis.

intransitive verb

American English: /səˈspɛkt/
British English: /səˈspɛkt/
  • just as I suspected
    tal como lo imaginaba


American English: /ˈsəsˌpɛkt/
British English: /ˈsʌspɛkt/
  • (person) smoking/stress is a prime suspect
    se sospecha que lo más probable es que el tabaco/estrés sea el causante
    Example sentences
    • It would not be permissible for the police to take the victim of a crime to a suspect who was under arrest to see if he could identify him.
    • Fewer than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made soon enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect.
    • He is the prime suspect in a crime he didn't commit, though most believe he did.


American English: /ˈsəsˌpɛkt/
British English: /ˈsʌspɛkt/
  • (package/behavior)
    de dudosa autenticidad
    her motives are highly suspect
    sus motivos resultan sumamente sospechosos
    his knee is still a bit suspect
    todavía no está del todo bien de la rodilla
    they replaced the suspect pump
    cambiaron la bomba que se suponía causante del problema
    Example sentences
    • Air France later said the suspect package was a false alarm.
    • These include keeping an eye out for suspect bags, packages or vehicles, or people acting suspiciously in airports or stations.
    • Since the events of September 11, and with the ambiguous source of anthrax attacks, there have been concerns of suspect packages.
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