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Pronunciation: /ˈteɪbəl/


  • 1 1.1 (piece of furniture) mesa (f) dinner's on the table! ¡la cena está servida! he painted the royal family at table pintó a la familia real sentada a la mesa don't do that at the table no hagas eso en la mesa come and sit at o (BrE also) on our table siéntate con nosotros to lay o set the table poner* la mesa to clear the table levantar or (Esp) quitar la mesa to book a table for four reservar una mesa para cuatro bridge/billiard table mesa de bridge/billar the terrorists have agreed to come to the negotiating table los terroristas han aceptado sentarse a la mesa de negociaciones on the table some new proposals are now on the table hay nuevas propuestas sobre el tapete the offer on the table at the moment is unacceptable la oferta que han hecho es inaceptable to lay sth on the table proponer* algo to drink sb under the table she can drink you under the table te da cien mil vueltas bebiendo one glass of sherry and I'm under the table! una copa de jerez y ya no me tengo en pie to turn the tables the tables are turned se ha vuelto or (CS) se ha dado vuelta la tortilla [familiar/colloquial], se han vuelto las tornas they managed to turn the tables on their adversaries lograron volverles las tornas a sus adversarios she then turned the tables on the interviewer entonces empezó ella a hacerle preguntas al entrevistador (before n) [knife/lamp/salt/wine] de mesa table dancing striptease o baile erótico realizado sobre o junto a una mesa table football (BrE) futbolín (m), taca-taca (m) (Chi) , metegol (m) (Arg) , futbolito (m) (Ur) table leg pata (f) de la mesa table linen mantelería (f), ropa (f) de mesa table mat mantelito (m) individual his table manners leave a lot to be desired sus modales en la mesa dejan mucho que desear table napkin servilleta (f) de mesa
    More example sentences
    • He made occasional furniture pieces such as tables and chairs, as well as picture frames.
    • Around the edges of the room were pieces of furniture like tables and a few chairs.
    • The woodwork in the show includes large furniture items like tables, benches and screens as well as plates, letters openers and wine corkstoppers.
    1.2under the table bajo cuerda, bajo mano he was paid $10,000 under the table le pagaron 10.000 dólares bajo cuerda or bajo mano (before n) under-the-table bajo cuerda, bajo mano 1.3 (people seated at table) mesa (f)
    More example sentences
    • After he left we discovered that he had insisted on paying for the meal for the whole table.
    • In the end, the table settled on getting a jug of red lemonade and a jug of water.
    • Everyone at the table seemed to instantly get up, and soon other tables followed suit.
  • 2 2.1 (list) tabla (f) multiplication o [used by children] times tables tablas de multiplicar the four-/ten-times table la tabla del cuatro/diez table of contents índice (m) de materias 2.2
    (league table)
    (BrE) liga (f), clasificación (f)
    More example sentences
    • Their current position in the table is a testament to the kind of hard work, patience and stability that is very rare in football nowadays.
    • This result took Burley to the top of the table, a position they strengthened further with a win at Menston on Monday.
    • Since then they have won ten of their last 11 league games to finish a creditable fourth in the final table.
  • 3 (tablet) [Bib] the tables of the law las tablas de la ley

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There are 2 translations of table in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (AmE) (postpone) [debate/bill] posponer*, diferir*, postergar* (esp AmL)
    More example sentences
    • I move that that issue be tabled, that we may select a new First Councilor.
    • The abduction issue would be tabled if bilateral talks are resumed possibly later this month.
    • Following Council's usual practice, this motion was tabled, to be considered with other financial commitments at the end of the meeting.
    1.2 (BrE) (submit) [proposal/motion/amendment] presentar
  • 2 (list) [data] presentar en forma de tabla, tabular
    More example sentences
    • The discussions tabled during the meeting focused on creating a more unique festival atmosphere specific to Pattaya and reducing the time frame of the event.
    • Plans for the reception centres are expected to be tabled at a meeting of the British, Italian, Spanish, French and German justice ministers in Florence in October.
    • The same sources emphasise that the American has not yet formally tabled any bid for any further shares, never mind the Irish pair's vast holding.

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