There are 2 translations of tag in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /tæg/


  • 1 c (label) etiqueta (f) (atada) name tag etiqueta de identificación
    More example sentences
    • While you're untying, remove any labels or tags that are still attached.
    • Three groups of 20 calves found with suspect identifications or without tags over the past three days are the focus of the investigation.
    • He reached into the box and held up a braided metal necklace with a tag attached to it.
  • 2 u [Games] to play tag jugar* al corre que te pillo or (Méx) a la roña or (Col) a la lleva or (RPl) a la mancha or (Chi) a la pinta
    More example sentences
    • Speed frequently determines who is safe or out, who is caught during games of tag, or who will win the race.
    • The girls stopped spinning and began chasing each other in an impromptu game of freeze tag.
    • There were children running around, laughing and chasing each other in a game that looked like tag.
  • 4 c [Comput] etiqueta (f)
    More example sentences
    • HTML was invented with the specific purpose of providing a universal set of tags for displaying of information.
    • As anyone with a collection of songs on their computer knows, the information contained in the information tags isn't always perfect.
    • While you're rewriting your title and description tags, don't forget the keywords meta tag.

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There are 2 translations of tag in Spanish:


vt (-gg-)

  • 1 (label) [article/item] etiquetar, ponerle* una etiqueta a; [Comput] codificar*; [criminal] controlar por medios electrónicos she was tagged the Iron Lady se le puso el apodo de Dama de Hierro
    More example sentences
    • The bear was tagged before it was released, to show that it had been causing trouble.
    • Then there was the long task of unpacking, labeling, tagging, and re-packing every single can of pickles.
    • About four days before, Rose had left her larger suitcases, tagged and labeled with her name, waiting out on her front porch to be picked up and transported to camp ahead of her.
    More example sentences
    • I was amazed by the Green Party members during question time today when they were complaining about the Minister of Conservation tagging dolphins with an electronic tag that was to be picked up by satellite.
    • She will be electronically tagged for the first six months, to stop her leaving her home between 8pm and 6pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
    • Hardcore teenage criminals will be electronically tagged or subjected to intensive surveillance under a tough new penalty being launched in South Yorkshire today.
    More example sentences
    • Audio could be tagged, but not downloaded easily.
    • The S-bit is applied to code that needs to be secure, and a separate portion of an ARM processor monitors and identifies data tagged with an S-bit.
    • If tagging works well for VoIP then expect the same for video and audio, too.
  • 2 (in baseball) agarrar fuera de base
    More example sentences
    • As the pitcher straddles the rubber and the runner takes his lead, the first baseman tags the runner.
    • The boy ran to home base and tagged a runner running in.
    • If Jeter says he tagged the runner, he tagged the runner.

Phrasal verbs

tag along

v + adv
do you mind if I tag along? ¿les importa si los acompaño or [familiar/colloquial] si me les pego? whatever he does, his classmates tag along behind haga lo que haga, sus compañeros siempre lo siguen her little sister always tags along after us su hermanita nos sigue a todas partes

tag on

v + adv to tag on (to sth) sumarse or [familiar/colloquial] pegarse* (a algo) 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o agregar*, añadir

tag out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
(in baseball) agarrar fuera de base

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