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American English: /tərm/
British English: /təːm/

Translation of term in Spanish:


  • 1 (word) technical/legal/financial terms
    términos técnicos/legales/financieros
    a term of abuse
    un insulto
    a term of endearment
    un apelativo cariñoso
    we only discussed it in general terms
    solo lo discutimos en términos generales
    he described it in graphic terms
    lo describió en forma muy gráfica
    he speaks about her in glowing terms
    habla de ella con gran admiración
    la pone por las nubes
    in simple terms
    en lenguaje sencillo
    it's a contradiction in terms
    son términos contradictorios
    encierra una contradicción
    they protested in the strongest possible terms
    protestaron en forma sumamente enérgica
    Example sentences
    • But some of the older topics are now passé, and language, terms, and topics shift and adapt.
    • It is significant that the term entered the language at a time of ineffective monarchical rule, in the mid-fifteenth century.
    • In official language, this occurs through the use of technical terms - acronyms and jargon.
  • 2 2.1 (period) a five-year term
    un período or periodo de cinco años
    the President's first term in office
    el primer mandato del presidente
    he was condemned to a long term of imprisonment
    lo condenaron a muchos años de prisión
    le dieron or [formal] le impusieron una pena muy larga
    in the short term
    a corto plazo
    in the long term
    a largo plazo
    a la larga [colloquial]
    see alsolong-term etc
    Example sentences
    • However, now they have to illustrate what they plan to do in the next four years, the term of their office.
    • The elected council members are set to begin their four-year term of office on Dec.31.
    • Another significant section of the overturned clauses dealt with a fixed term of office for the Chief Prosecutor.
    2.2 (in school, university) the fall or (British) autumn/spring/summer term
    el primer/segundo/tercer trimestre
    during term (British)
    en la época de clases
    out of term (British)
    durante las vacaciones
    Example sentences
    • Around 300,000 young people are finishing their first term at university in the UK.
    • For a lot of faculty members, in short, the end of a term is no vacation, but a mad scramble for survival.
    • He also worked part time tutoring during the university term.
    2.3 (to due date) the term of the loan/contract expired
    venció el plazo del préstamo/contrato
    the baby was born at (full) term
    fue un embarazo a término
    (before noun) term insurance term loan
    préstamo (masculine) a plazos
  • 3 (Mathematics, Philosophy)
    Example sentences
    • Every simple proposition contains two terms, predicate and subject.
    • There is no king of France at present; the subject term fails to refer to anything.
    Example sentences
    • A geometric series is defined as having a constant ratio between consecutive terms.
    • As you go farther and farther to the right in this sequence, the ratio of a term to the one before it will get closer and closer to the Golden Ratio.
    • This uses a technique known as the integral test which compares the graph of a function with the terms of the series.
  • 4
    also: terms plural
    4.1 (conditions)
    condiciones (feminine plural)
    the terms of the contract/agreement
    las condiciones or los términos del contrato/acuerdo
    terms of sale we will only return to work on our terms
    volveremos al trabajo solo si aceptan nuestras condiciones
    on equal terms
    en igualdad de condiciones
    en pie de igualdad
    we offer easy terms
    ofrecemos facilidades de pago
    name your terms
    ¿cuáles son sus condiciones?
    terms of reference (of committee)
    (area of responsibility) competencia (feminine)
    atribuciones (feminine plural) y responsabilidades (feminine plural)
    (instructions) mandato (masculine)
    instrucciones (feminine plural)
    to come to terms with something
    aceptar algo
    to make terms/come to terms with somebody
    ponerse de acuerdo/llegar a un acuerdo con alguien
    Example sentences
    • But he was not prepared to commit to any decisions of policy, or reach any terms of agreement with the British Premier.
    • But being able to make compromises on your own terms means you can live with them.
    • Did the record-company people have designs for you, or were they ready to hear you on your own terms?
    4.2 (relations)
    relaciones (feminine plural)
    to be on good/bad terms with somebody
    estar en buenas/malas relaciones con alguien
    llevarse bien/mal con alguien
    we are not on speaking terms
    no nos hablamos
    he's on familiar terms with them
    tiene confianza con ellos
    we're not on the best of terms at the moment
    nuestras relaciones no son muy cordiales en este momento
    they were on first name terms
    se llamaban por el nombre de pila
    se tuteaban
    Example sentences
    • Both parties should come to terms and embrace dialogue.
    • The parties should come to terms on the issue quickly before it gets out of control.
    • This broad topic was agreed upon after the two sides failed to come to terms on more specific topics.
    4.3 (sense) in financial/social/political terms
    desde el punto de vista financiero/social/político
    in real terms
    4.4in terms ofin terms of efficiency, our system is far superior
    en cuanto a eficiencia, nuestro sistema es muy superior
    if you look at it in terms of the level of investment required …
    si lo considera desde el punto de vista del nivel de inversión que se requiere …
    he sees everything in terms of profit
    todo lo ve en función or en términos de las ganancias que se puedan obtener
    I was thinking more in terms of a second-hand car
    yo estaba pensando más bien en un coche de segunda mano

transitive verb

  • calificar de
    she termed it a total failure
    lo calificó de fracaso total
    it's what's often termed a multi-disciplinary approach
    es lo que se da en llamar un enfoque multidisciplinario
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