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American English: /θɪŋk/
British English: /θɪŋk/

Translation of think in Spanish:

intransitive verb past tense & past participle thought

  • 1 why don't you think before you speak?
    ¿por qué no piensas antes de hablar?
    think hard/carefully
    piénsalo mucho/bien
    I did it without thinking
    lo hice sin pensar
    just think!
    it makes you think, doesn't it?
    da que pensar or te hace pensar ¿no?
    to think aloud
    pensar en voz alta
    to think for oneself
    pensar por sí mismo
    to think again
    pensarlo mejor
    you have to think big
    tienes que proyectar las cosas a gran escala
    to think about something
    pensar en algo
    (consider) pensar algo
    I can't stop thinking about what happened/about him
    no puedo dejar de pensar en lo que pasó/en él
    all you ever think about is money!
    ¡sólo piensas en el dinero!
    I'll have to think about it
    tendré que pensarlo
    (me) lo tendré que pensar
    it doesn't bear thinking about
    mejor ni pensarlo
    I knew she was thinking about selling it
    sabía que estaba pensando en venderlo
    to think of something/somebody
    pensar en algo/alguien
    think of a number
    piensa (en) un número
    whatever were you thinking of when you bought it?
    ¿(en) qué estabas pensando cuando lo compraste?
    think of the expense/me
    piensa en el gasto/en mí
    you never think of the others
    nunca piensas en los demás
    I hadn't thought of that
    no se me había ocurrido eso
    come to think of it, I have one at home just think of it: your name in lights!
    ¡imagínate! ¡tu nombre en las marquesinas!
    think of what we could do with the money!
    ¡imagínate lo que podríamos hacer con el dinero!
    you can't think of everything
    no se puede estar en todo or en todos los detalles
    to think better of somethingI was going to ask her but thought better of it
    se lo iba a preguntar pero recapacité y cambié de idea
    to think twice
    pensarlo dos veces
    she'll think twice before she's rude to me again
    lo va a pensar dos veces or va a tener mucho cuidado antes de volver a faltarme al respeto
    to think on something (literary or dialect) think (well) on it
    piénsalo or piénsatelo bien
    Example sentences
    • We need to think of possible legal complications in all sorts of routine situations.
    • Make sure you have thought of the possible gains and losses if you took the leap.
    • The tendency is to take what he wants, and act as he wants without thinking of the possible effect on others.
  • 2 (intend, plan)to think of -ing
    pensar + infinitive
    I was thinking of resigning, anyway
    de todas formas, yo pensaba renunciar or tenía pensado renunciar
    what are you thinking of doing tonight?
    ¿qué piensas hacer esta noche?
    ¿qué tienes planeado hacer esta noche?
    Example sentences
    • Recently, I've been thinking of doing a course with the Open University - which is probably a good thing to do.
    • Now I am about to start a clinical doctorate I am thinking of doing an art course.
    • If you are thinking about setting up a course then you should think through these issues.
    Example sentences
    • Sadly for me, nobody ever thought to test the damn thing on the Firth of Clyde on a Tuesday.
    • There was a timber yard next door and someone thought to test the process on pine.
  • 3 3.1 (find, come up with)to think of somethingcan you think of anything better?
    ¿se te ocurre algo mejor?
    I couldn't think of anything to say
    no se me ocurrió qué decir
    he tried to think of an alternative
    trató de encontrar una alternativa
    what will they think of next!
    ¡ya no saben qué inventar!
    I thought of it first
    se me ocurrió a mí primero
    la idea fue mía
    Example sentences
    • But for me, these remembrances are the best way I can think of to give you a sense of an age long gone.
    • If you can think of an animal, the likelihood is it would be made into a rug somewhere in the house, with its head mounted on the walls.
    • I can think of some cases where a marina actually adds to the beauty and charm of a place.
    3.2 (remember)to think of something
    acordarse de algo
    I can't think of his name
    no me puedo acordar de su nombre
  • 4 (have opinion) to think highly of somebody
    tener muy buena opinión de alguien
    tener a alguien en muy buen concepto
    don't think badly of me
    no pienses mal de mí
    he's very well thought of
    lo tienen en muy buen concepto
    he thinks a lot of you
    te aprecia mucho
    I don't think much of her boyfriend
    no tengo muy buena impresión de su novio
    she thinks nothing of spending $500 in a restaurant
    a ella no le parece nada extraordinario gastar 500 dólares en un restaurante
    ella gasta 500 dólares en un restaurante como si tal cosa
    think nothing of it
    no tiene ninguna importancia

transitive verb past tense & past participle thought

  • 1 1.1 (reflect, ponder) what are you thinking?
    ¿qué estás pensando?
    and to think that only yesterday he was saying …
    y pensar que ayer sin ir más lejos estuvo diciendo que …
    (just) think what that would cost/how lucky we were
    piensa (en) lo que costaría/la suerte que tuvimos
    think business!
    ¡piensa como un hombre de negocios!
    Example sentences
    • With this in mind, let us think for a moment about the surface of a sphere.
    • Natural selection did not design our minds to think directly about how best to pass on our genes.
    • I just sat in my chair for a few moments, my mouth silent, my mind thinking.
    1.2 (remember) I didn't think to look there/to ask him
    no se me ocurrió mirar allí/preguntárselo
    I can't think where it was
    no me puedo acordar de dónde estaba
    try to think who you gave it to
    intenta acordarte de a quién se lo diste
  • 2 2.1 (suppose, imagine) I thought you knew
    pensé que lo sabías
    that's what you think
    eso es lo que tú crees or piensas
    what do you think you're doing?
    ¿pero tú qué te crees?
    I thought I told you not to do that!
    ¿no te dije que no hicieras eso?
    me parece que te dije que no hicieras eso ¿no?
    you'd have thought he'd have known better!
    ¡uno hubiera pensado que no iba a ser tan tonto!
    ¿quién se iba a imaginar que iba a ser tan tonto?
    who would have thought it?
    ¿quién lo hubiera dicho or imaginado?
    ¿quién lo iba a decir?
    anyone would think I was torturing her!
    ¡cualquiera diría que la estoy torturando!
    who do you think you are?
    ¿quién te crees que eres?
    ¿qué te crees?
    do you think you could help me?
    ¿le importaría ayudarme?
    I can't think why he refused
    no me explico or no entiendo por qué se negó
    Example sentences
    • I have no idea why she would think that associating with those people is a good thing.
    • But nobody thinks that idea worth fighting a war over.
    • But at their recent meeting, members said they thought the situation was getting better.
    Example sentences
    • Of course not and just think of the massive amount of money we would gain and how much red tape we would lose.
    2.2 (expect) I thought you'd be there
    pensé or creí que estarías allí
    we didn't think it would take so long
    no pensamos que se iba a tardar tanto
    I'll help as well — I should think so (too)!
    yo también ayudo — ¡me imagino que sí! or ¡pues faltaría más!
    she wouldn't accept the money — I should think not!
    no quiso aceptar el dinero — ¡pues bueno fuera! or ¡no faltaba más!
    2.3 (indicating intention) we thought we'd eat out tonight
    esta noche tenemos pensado salir a cenar
    I think I'll go to bed
  • 3 (believe) I think/I don't think it can be done
    creo que se puede/no creo que se pueda hacer
    who do you think did it?
    ¿quién crees que lo hizo?
    ¿quién te parece que lo hizo?
    he's thought to be 95
    se cree que tiene 95 años
    I think it unlikely
    a mí me parece or yo lo veo poco probable
    I don't think a strike would achieve anything
    yo no creo or a mí no me parece que con una huelga se vaya a lograr nada
    I think you'll find it's the only way
    ya verá usted que es la única manera
    she's been cheating you — I thought as much
    te ha estado engañando — ya me parecía or ya me lo imaginaba
    I thought him rude/pleasant
    me pareció or lo encontré grosero/agradable
    will you be able to do it? — I think so/I don't think so
    ¿vas a poder hacerlo? — creo que sí or me parece que sí/ creo que no or me parece que no
    will they give me the loan? — I rather think not
    ¿me darán el préstamo? — me parece que no


  • (no plural) I'll have to have a think about it
    tendré que pensarlo or pensármelo
    if you think that, you've got another think coming
    si te crees eso estás muy equivocado
    si te crees eso te vas a llevar un chasco
    si te crees eso lo llevas claro (Spain) [colloquial]

Phrasal verbs

think ahead

verb + adverb
you have to think ahead
tienes que ser previsor
I never think more than a few days ahead
nunca hago planes para más de unos pocos días
they are already thinking ahead to the next elections
ya están pensando en or planeando de cara a las próximas elecciones

think back

verb + adverb
think back
haz memoria
you were young once yourself — that's thinking a long way back!
tú también fuiste joven — ¡te estás remontando al pasado remoto! [humorous]
to think back to something
recordar algo
acordarse de algo
she thought back to the time when she had been happy
se acordó de or recordó aquella época en que había sido feliz

think out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
she had thought out very carefully what she was going to say
había pensado muy bien or planeado cuidadosamente lo que iba a decir
the policy has not been properly thought out
la política no ha sido estudiada or elaborada con el debido cuidado
a well thought-out proposal
una propuesta bien elaborada

think over

verb + object + adverb
I'll have to think it over
tendré que pensarlo
(me) lo tendré que pensar
think things over carefully first
primero piénsatelo bien
reflexiona antes de decidir

think through

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
planear detenidamente
considerar or estudiar detenidamente
you didn't think it through
no lo pensaste concienzudamente or bien

think up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
they had thought up some very difficult questions
habían ideado or se les habían ocurrido unas preguntas bien difíciles
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