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American English: /θrɛd/
British English: /θrɛd/

Translation of thread in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable (filament) a spool of thread (US)
    un carrete or (Río de la Plata) carretel de hilo
    I need a longer thread
    necesito una hebra más larga or un hilo más largo
    with double thread
    con hilo doble
    con doble hebra
    you have a thread hanging
    te cuelga un hilo or una hilacha
    to hang by a thread
    pender de un hilo
    Example sentences
    • Woven gauzes are manufactured from cotton yam or threads and woven like fabric.
    • She sighed and let her hands rest on her lap, her fingers absently playing with a loose thread of cotton.
    • Asbestos is the name of a group of minerals that occur naturally as masses of strong, flexible fibers that can be separated into thin threads and woven.
  • 2 countable (strand, sequence) to follow the thread of a plot/conversation
    seguir el hilo de una trama/conversación
    to lose the thread
    perder el hilo
    to pick or take up the thread(s) of something (of story, plot)
    retomar el hilo de algo
    he tried to pick up the threads of his former life
    trató de rehacer su vida
    to gather up the threads (of story, life)
    atar cabos sueltos
    Example sentences
    • I know there are other threads on this subject, but they are more specific in nature.
    • One of the unexpected benefits of posting the article to a newsgroup was that a thread developed on the subject of competition on the London to Manchester route.
    • If you have any problems that aren't resolved here, then you can post on the forum thread by clicking here
  • 3 countable (Computing) (linked messages)
    Example sentences
    • Multiple streams of data are characteristic of applications which execute multiple threads and processes in parallel.
    • It solves the performance problem by executing all requests as threads in one process, or in a load-balanced system, in one process per server in the cluster.
    • All processes are considered threads by the operating system.
  • 4 countable (of screw)
    Example sentences
    • This can be done either by putting a screw thread of the correct pitch on the barrel's axle or, more often, by shifting a lever.
    • She took a standard coffee pot and put a perforated cylinder - similar to a sieve - in the middle, into which she put a plunger on a screw thread.
    • A gouge auger is similar, but instead of a screw thread there is a sharp-ended tube with a slot cut in the side.
  • 5
    also: threads plural
    (US) [colloquial] (clothes)
    trapos (masculine plural) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Besides, what's the point of wearing the coolest threads of the season if your jacket doesn't say it all?
    • I'd love to dress up in the latest threads from designer brands, but I'm a student and just cannot afford it.
    • The new womenswear and menswear designer emporiums showcase threads from cutting edge houses, but you can still buy tartan shortbread in the food hall.

transitive verb

  • 1
    (needle/sewing machine)
    to thread something onto something
    ensartar algo en algo
    to thread something through something
    pasar algo por algo
    he threaded his shoelaces wrong
    (se) acordonó mal los zapatos
    to thread one's way she threaded her way through the crowd/between the tables
    se abrió paso entre la multitud/por entre las mesas
    Example sentences
    • I threaded up a needle with linen thread, and took one of the new-cut pieces of fabric and folded back a hem, and began my work.
    • I demonstrated how to thread the blunt tapestry needle, where to place the knot and how to hold and move the needle when stitching.
    • I stand and look down at the needle as I thread it with ease and neatly begin stitching.
    Example sentences
    • A weight followed by another smaller bead were threaded on the wire.
    • It's just a case of threading them together like beads on a string, whether they make sense or not.
    • During the fourth year the child learns to cut with scissors and to thread beads, develops a mature pencil grasp, and learns to draw.
  • 2 (Technology)
    Example sentences
    • The cameraman would show me how to thread the film and how to repair it.
    • APS cameras all auto-load these cartridges, so there is no messing about with threading film through a series of rollers.
    • I pulled on my pants, threading a black leather belt through the belt loops.
    Example sentences
    • That way you'll have a little wiggle room to finesse each screw into its respective hole and get it threaded.
    • What they do is to drill a pilot hole in the bolt, and place a bit into the hole that is reverse threaded so that while you are tightening up the bit, it is backing out the bolt.
    • For hardwoods, such as flooring, siding and rafters, use spiral threaded nails that turn as they are driven into the wood.
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