There are 2 translations of throw in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /θrəʊ/

vt (past threw past p, thrown)

  • 1 1.1 [ball/stone] tirar, aventar* (Col, Méx, Per) ; [grenade/javelin] lanzar*; [bomb] arrojar, tirar she threw her beer in his face le tiró la cerveza a la cara she threw the ball back devolvió la pelota to throw sth at sth/sb tirarle algo a algo/algn they threw stones at the police le tiraron piedras a la policíato throw sth to sb to throw sb sth tirarle or (Col, Méx, Per tb) aventarle* algo a algn throw me the keys! ¡tírame or (Col, Méx, Per tb) aviéntame las llaves! he threw her a rope le echó una cuerda
    More example sentences
    • He said the boys threw lumps of concrete and bricks at his client's window and doors.
    • In once lightening movement she threw a dagger from her boot towards the soldier.
    • He palmed another stone and threw it again, with more force.
    1.2 [dice] echar, tirar to throw a six sacar* un seis
    More example sentences
    • It was an interruption of his concentration upon the interminable playing of dominoes, or cards, or throwing dice.
    • The sample plot in Figure 1 is the outcome of a pair of dice thrown a large number of times.
    • People are chattering and laughing; dice are being thrown; there is the constant clattering of mah-jong tiles.
  • 2 (send, propel) (+ adv compl) the blast threw him across the room la explosión lo hizo salir despedido al otro lado de la habitación he threw himself forward se tiró or echó hacia adelante she threw herself out of the window se tiró or (Col, Méx, Per tb) se aventó por la ventana the storm threw the yacht onto the rocks la tormenta lanzó el yate contra las rocas she threw herself at her opponent se le echó encima a su adversario, se abalanzó sobre su adversario to throw sb into jail meter a algn preso or en la cárcel to throw sb out of work echar a algn del trabajo his resignation threw them into confusion su dimisión los dejó desorientados the slightest thing throws him into a panic por la menor cosa se pone nerviosísimo I was thrown into a difficult situation me metieron en un aprieto this threw the country into civil war esto sumió al país en una guerra civil to throw oneself into a task meterse de lleno en una tarea to throw oneself on o upon sb echársele encima a algn, abalanzarse* sobre algn to throw oneself on o upon sb's mercy ponerse* a merced de algn we were thrown entirely onto our own resources quedamos totalmente abandonados a nuestros recursos the experience had thrown her onto the defensive la experiencia la había hecho ponerse a la defensiva to throw sb to the lions o wolves arrojar a algn a las fieras
    More example sentences
    • This is about the fifth time in three years that the place has been thrown into utter confusion.
    • The airport, which had to be shut down for two hours, was thrown into confusion as news of the incident reached passengers.
    • The next morning, Alexis woke early and was instantly thrown into confusion at the presence of the blanket.
  • 3 3.1 (direct, aim) she threw him a warning look le lanzó una mirada de advertencia you can't solve the problem by throwing money at it el problema no lo vas a resolver gastando sin ton ni son a remark thrown into the conversation un comentario que se deja caer en la conversación I'll throw the question over to the other team le pasaré la pregunta al otro equipo 3.2 (project) [shadow/image] proyectar to throw one's voice proyectar la voz this throws suspicion on(to) the brother esto hace recaer las sospechas sobre el hermano
    More example sentences
    • The men cross the dunes; afternoon light throws long shadows onto the scrub.
    • The light threw shadows around the cluttered room as I rubbed my eyes, and sighed at the lines on the drawing board.
    • She watched the shadow that was thrown on the wall.
    More example sentences
    • He points it at them and uses it as a ventriloquist's dummy, throwing his voice into it and waggling it about to make it look as though they're talking.
  • 4 4.1 (put, cast) she threw a blanket over him le puso or le echó una manta encima to throw emphasis on(to) sth poner* énfasis en algo to throw blame on(to) sth/sb echarle la culpa a algo/algn the responsibility was thrown onto me me hicieron responsable 4.2 (set up, erect) to throw a cordon around sth acordonar algo to throw a bridge across o over a river tender* un puente sobre un río
  • 5 5.1 (unseat) [horse] desmontar, tirar 5.2 (in wrestling) [opponent] derribar
    More example sentences
    • He had a small body but he did marvelous judo, and could throw larger opponents without using any power.
    • The art also emphasizes throwing the opponent - much like in judo - as well as various arm locks.
    • He had a disastrous opening performance on Monday in the wrestling, being thrown by Romeo, who took an early lead in the competition.
    More example sentences
    • Just before arriving in the village, her majesty's horse threw a shoe and she walked her animal the rest of the way to the stable to have it looked at.
    • Horses throw shoes, eat food and destroy tack at an alarming rate.
    More example sentences
    • He added it was dangerous to have an eagle with a mounted hunt, as it could lead to a horse throwing a rider.
    • The accident happened at 10.30 am last Saturday when a horse threw its rider, who wore a helmet.
    • This horse likes to throw his riders; I knew he had something in store for me.
  • 6 (disconcert) desconcertar* I was thrown by her question no supe qué contestar a su pregunta, su pregunta me desconcertó
    More example sentences
    • But I wasn't, so I just carried on with the show, a little shaken and thrown.
    • That's why I was so thrown off when the door suddenly opened and I ended up falling hard against something very warm.
    • He is momentarily thrown by the comparison, but quickly warms to the topic.
  • 7 [party] hacer*, dar* he threw a fit/tantrum le dio un ataque/una pataleta
    More example sentences
    • The throng enjoyed a huge party thrown by the host committee at the city's aquarium following Media Day.
    • My brother's also throwing a huge party tonight and half the island's population will be there.
    • His best friend Andy was throwing a huge Christmas party, and since he was home on break he decided to go.
  • 8 (operate) [switch/lever] darle* a
    More example sentences
    • Danby reached for it, but Nikola stretched his hand out toward the device and threw a switch.
    • At the trolley portal the operator had to manually throw the switch using a switch iron.
    • When the parents arrive it's as if a switch has been thrown and behaviour patterns set back twenty or more years.
  • 9 [pot] tornear, modelar en un torno
    More example sentences
    • The pots are turned on a wheel, much as ceramic pots are thrown.
    • Similarly, simple examination of a pottery vessel should reveal whether it was hand-coiled or thrown on a wheel.
    • I used to throw on the wheel, but have let it go in favor of handbuilding.
  • 10 (give birth to) [calf/foal] parir
  • 11 (deliberately lose) [colloquial/familiar] [fight/race] perder* (deliberadamente)
    More example sentences
    • I've been wondering for a while whether he was persuaded to take a bribe in return for throwing the match.
    • The case is based on tapes of a conversation in which police say he discussed payments for himself and others in return for throwing a match.
    • We are in no way imputing that he tried to bribe him to throw a match.

vi (past threw past p, thrown)

Phrasal verbs

throw around

( (BrE also) throw about v + o + adv, v + adv + o)
they were in the garden throwing a ball around estaban en el jardín jugando con or pasándose una pelota we threw around a few ideas intercambiamos algunas ideas we were thrown around in the back of the van nos íbamos sacudiendo en la parte de atrás de la camioneta to throw one's money around despilfarrar or derrochar el dinero

throw aside

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (to one side) [logs/stones/person] echar a un lado 1.2 (push back) [sheets/blankets] echar hacia atrás

throw away

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (discard) [can/paper] tirar (a la basura), botar (a la basura) (AmL exc RPl) [card] [Games] tirar 1.2 (waste) [opportunity] desaprovechar, desperdiciar; [money] malgastar, despilfarrar, tirar, botar (AmL exc RPl) ; [advantage/life] desperdiciar to throw money away on sth malgastar ( or despilfarrar etc) dinero en algo 1.3 (utter casually) [remark] lanzar* al aire

throw back

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [ball] devolver* he threw the question back at them les devolvió la pregunta she threw my advice straight back at me desdeñó or despreció mis consejos she threw back at me everything I'd said me echó en cara todo lo que había dicho 1.2 (pull back) [curtains] (des)correr; [bedclothes] echar atrás 1.3 (repulse) [enemy/invader] rechazar*, hacer* retroceder our troops threw back the assault nuestras tropas repelieron el ataque

throw back on

v + adv + prep + o (usu pass)
we were thrown back on our wits/our own resources tuvimos que valernos de nuestro ingenio/nuestros recursos

throw down

v + adv + o
[object] tirar, lanzar* (hacia abajo); [challenge] lanzar*

throw in

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (contribute) [remark] hacer* that's even better, threw in Bob —mejor aún —terció or agregó or añadió Bob 1.2 (include) take them all and I'll throw this radio in free! si los lleva todos, le doy esta radio de regalo or de ñapa or (CS, Per tb) de yapa 1.3 [Sport] [ball] sacar* to throw in the sponge o towel tirar la esponja or la toalla

throw off

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [jacket/hat] quitarse (rápidamente) 1.2 (rid oneself of) [habit] quitarse; [illness] quitarse; [pursuer] despistar, zafarse de; [doubts/anxiety/burden] librarse de, deshacerse* de 1.3 (confuse) confundir 1.4 (perform) we threw off a few songs les cantamos unas canciones something I threw off in a quarter of an hour algo que compuse ( or escribí or pinté etc) en un cuarto de hora

throw on

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 [coat/shirt] echarse encima, ponerse* (rápidamente) 1.2 [wood/coal] echar

throw out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (discard) tirar (a la basura), botar (a la basura) (AmL exc RPl) 1.2 (reject) [bill/proposal] rechazar* 1.3 (in baseball) [runner] sacar*, poner* en out 1.1v + o + adv, v + adv + o (expel, eject) echar; (out of college, country) expulsar, echar; [Sport] expulsar his father threw him out of the house el padre lo echó de la casa 1.2v + adv + o 3.1 (thrust forward) to throw out one's chest sacar* pecho 3.2 (emit) [heat] dar*, despedir* 3.3 (utter, put forward) [remark] dejar caer; [suggestion] hacer*; [idea] proponer* 1.3v + o + adv (confuse) (BrE) [person] confundir, hacer* equivocar; [calculations/arrangements] desbaratar

throw over

v + o + adv

throw together

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (assemble) they threw together a plan improvisaron un plan he can throw a meal together in minutes en unos minutos te prepara or te improvisa una comida I just threw a few things together and we left metí un par de cosas en una bolsa y nos fuimos 1.2 (bring into contact) we were thrown together on the journey nos tocó ir juntos en el viaje fate had thrown us together había querido el destino que nuestros caminos se cruzaran

throw up

v + adv + o 1.1 (raise) [hands] levantar, alzar* 1.2 (create, build) [building/fortifications] levantar (rápidamente); [cloud of dust] levantar 1.3 (produce) [results] arrojar, dar*; [demand] producir*; [difficulty] presentar; [writers/scientists] producir* 1.4 (bring to light) [facts/discrepancies] revelar (la existencia de), poner* en evidencia 1.5 (abandon) [colloquial/familiar] [job/studies] dejar 1.6 (vomit) [colloquial/familiar] devolver*, arrojar, vomitar 1.1 v + adv (vomit) [colloquial/familiar] devolver*, arrojar, vomitar

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Each of the 55 different administrative areas into which Spain is divided is called a provincia. Each provincia includes a main city or town, sometimes more, depending on its social and economic power. The provincial capital usually has the same name as the province. Most comunidades autónomas comunidad autónoma comprise at least two or more

There are 2 translations of throw in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (of ball) tiro (m); (of javelin, discus) lanzamiento (m)
    More example sentences
    • A steal from last June, the southpaw started the inning with a 93 mph fastball, the only velocity the pitch hit in four throws.
    • By the way, whenever umpires are hit by throws, the ball remains alive and hopefully so does the umpire.
    • They are happily engrossed in their game, though there is no audience to see and applaud a great throw or a neat catch or a lovely shot.
    1.2 (of dice) tirada (f), lance (m) it's your throw te toca tirar I had a throw of 7 saqué 7
    More example sentences
    • But it was made clear to him that his recommendation would be the final throw.
    • It is a work like no other and, with the first performance taking place in 1761, is pretty much the final throw of the Baroque.
    • Similarly, Calvary was the final throw in Satan's power-bid for world dominion.
    1.3 (in wrestling) derribo (m)
    More example sentences
    • After a couple of years, adults become strong and have enough endurance to be ready to practice the more vigorous judo throws and pins.
    • Though he was said to have a high judo rank, his throws didn't resemble judo techniques.
    • Many of the throws in Judo will simply not work if you don't time them correctly.
  • 2 (AmE) 2.1 (bedspread) cubrecama (m) 2.2 (shawl) chal (m), echarpe (m)
    More example sentences
    • The home collection consists of soft furnishing products ranging from bed throws to duvet covers to cushions curtain panels and table linen.
    • Stretching wide and stifling a yawn he threw back the several throws and duvets that covered him.
    • I sit down on the low sofa, covered by an afghan throw.
  • 3 [slang/argot] a throw cada uno they cost o are $17 a throw cuestan 17 dólares cada uno

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Word of the day merienda
afternoon snack …
Cultural fact of the day

Each of the 55 different administrative areas into which Spain is divided is called a provincia. Each provincia includes a main city or town, sometimes more, depending on its social and economic power. The provincial capital usually has the same name as the province. Most comunidades autónomas comunidad autónoma comprise at least two or more