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American English: /taɪ/
British English: /tʌɪ/

Translation of tie in Spanish:


  • 1 (Clothing)
    also: necktie
    1.1 he can't tie his tie yet
    todavía no se sabe hacer el nudo de la corbata
    1.2 (on clothing) (before noun) tie clasp or clip tiepin
    Example sentences
    • Each kit contains a plastic sheet, a clean razor blade, a cutting surface, soap, and cord ties.
    • Some of the most damaging ties are fastened around trees for secondary purposes, for washing lines, swings or bird box fixings.
    • These are made of blue or white plastic clothes pegs, cable ties, nails and wire.
  • 2 2.1 (bond) emotional ties
    lazos or vínculos afectivos
    blood ties
    lazos (masculine plural) de parentesco
    economic/diplomatic ties
    relaciones (feminine plural) económicas/diplomáticas
    I have no ties here
    no hay nada que me retenga aquí
    Example sentences
    • Their lives were often founded on strong family ties and childhood friendships.
    • Studies consistently show that those who are socially isolated are two to five times the risk of dying from all causes compared to those who maintain strong ties with family, friends and community.
    • Second, education provides a ‘bridge’ to social networks beyond the strong ties of family, friends, and neighbors.
    2.2 (obligation, constraint)
    atadura (feminine)
    the children are a tie
    los niños atan mucho
    family ties
    obligaciones (feminine plural) familiares
    Example sentences
    • First, they must be free from feudal ties, which would otherwise prevent them from entering any sort of market transaction.
    • However, following Government legislation relaxing the restrictive ties between pubs and the beer they sold, it has made less sense for breweries to hold onto these chains of pubs.
    • They should sort these problems out by talking frankly about the benefits of a thaw in their ties, free from constraints imposed by their formal positions.
  • 3 3.1 (draw) (before noun) tie game/match (US)
    Example sentences
    • Both sides had a few chances, it was a well fought contest and a tie was the best result.
    • A tie would result in five points for each team, and the terms losing draw and winning draw, with Shackleton's grateful thanks, would be consigned to the dustbin.
    • If a game ends in a tie, both teams earn a chance to win, not just the team that wins a coin flip, as is the case in the NFL.
    also: cup tie
    partido (masculine) de copa
  • 4 4.1 (fastener)
    (cierre de alambre o plástico para bolsas etc)
    4.2 (Building)
    Example sentences
    • This transparency is achievable because the building front is cantilevered and suspended from the main structure by diagonal ties.
    • All these walls have metal anchors, ties, and fasteners that cause thermal bridges.
    Example sentences
    • It was noted that they are currently working in the area placing double rails and new ties, along with other improvements.
    • Colonel McDaniel said the base already spent $1 million of this money to replace some of the rails and rail ties.
    • The speed limit on this section of heavier rail on concrete ties is 110 mph for conventional Amtrak trains.
    4.3 (US) (Railways) 4.4 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • A curved line similar to the slur may be used to indicate a portamento effect; the same sign between two adjacent notes of the same pitch serves as a tie.
    • In a rush, he began writing, though he was careful as he drew in all of the notes and ties.

transitive verb ties, tying, tied

  • 1 1.1
    to tie a knot in something
    hacer un nudo en algo
    Example sentences
    • Then he brushed his knee-length hair one hundred strokes, braided it, and tied it back with a piece of green ribbon, simply knotting it instead of tying a bow.
    • It was a process a bit like tying a granny knot: twisting one edge of the sausage rope into a loop, then threading the other end through, looping it, and twisting again.
    • Keep the loops tight, and they will hold the laces in place while you tie your final knot/bow.
    1.2 (fasten)
    amarrar (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata)
    he tied the ribbon into a bow
    hizo un lazo con la cinta
    she tied a scarf around her neck
    se ató un pañuelo al cuello
    she tied the dog to the tree
    ató or (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata) amarró el perro al árbol
    she tied her hair back
    se recogió el pelo
    his ankles were tied together
    tenía los tobillos atados
    to be fit to be tied (US) [colloquial] with one arm or hand tied behind one's back [colloquial]
    (easily) con los ojos cerrados
    (handicapped) con las manos atadas
    Example sentences
    • She tied the string attached the sheath to her belt and looked back into the crate.
    • He tied Charcoal's leading cord to the tree, and she gave him a disapproving gaze.
    • She had long hair, which was tied back in a ponytail and she had facial piercings or facial jewellery.
    Example sentences
    • Jocelyn slipped her arms through the short sleeves and Sylvie told her to hold still while she tied the golden ribbon lacing up the back; it ended with a bow at her waist.
    • I quickly bent down to tie the bothersome laces and walked back to my desk, leaving Greg to put away the rest of the equipment.
    • Make certain you wear shoes suitable for climbing and working on a ladder, and that the shoe laces are tied.
  • 2 2.1 (link)to tie something to/with something
    relacionar or ligar algo con algo
    Example sentences
    • Right now we have a cost-of-living increase, that is tied more to wages than actual inflation.
    • Happiness, in this scheme of things, is always tied up with what happens, especially what happens by luck or chance.
    • His switch to study theology with work in the Anglican Church may well have been tied up with the beginning of the First World War.
    2.2 (restrict)
    she doesn't want to be tied
    no quiere atarse
    she's tied by her job
    el trabajo la tiene atada
    to tie somebody to something/-ingthe contract ties us to a strict timetable
    el contrato nos obliga a cumplir un horario estricto
    I'm tied to the house by the children
    los niños me tienen atada a la casa
    Example sentences
    • And of course, until it's all fixed I can't get my email in Detroit unless I'm tied to dial-up access.
    • But once he is tied to a project, he is fully committed.
    • You weren't tied to a house, you weren't tied to anything.
    2.3 (make conditional)to tie something to something
    condicionar algo a algo
  • 3 (Games, Sport)
    empatar con
    Example sentences
    • Brazilian gymnasts earned or tied for the top score on three of the four women's events.
    • But they should be even stronger in 2000, as 19 starters return from a team that tied for the Mountain West title.
    • Porter also tied for the team lead in interceptions.

intransitive verb ties, tying, tied

  • 1 (fasten)
    the dress ties at the back
    el vestido se ata atrás

Phrasal verbs

tie down

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
amarrar (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata)
2verb + object + adverb 2.1 (restrict, limit) a family ties you down
tener familia te ata
she doesn't want to be tied down to a routine
no quiere estar atada or ceñida a una rutina
2.2 (oblige, commit) the minister refused to be tied down
el ministro no quiso comprometerse
I intend to tie him down to that clause
pienso obligarlo a cumplir esa cláusula
you have to tie them down to a definite date
tienes que hacer que se comprometan a una fecha concreta

tie in

1verb + adverb (agree, coincide)to tie in (with something)
concordar or cuadrar (con algo)
it ties in with what we were told
concuerda or cuadra con lo que nos dijeron
the album will be released to tie in with the TV show
el álbum será lanzado para coincidir con el programa de televisión
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (connect)to tie something in (with something)
relacionar or ligar algo con algo

tie up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1
amarrar (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata)
to tie something/somebody up to something
atar or (Latin America excluding Río de la Plata) amarrar algo/a alguien a algo
to tie up loose ends
atar cabos sueltos
1.2 (keep busy) to be tied upshe's tied up with a customer just now
en este momento está ocupada atendiendo a un cliente
I'll be even more tied up tomorrow
mañana voy a estar aún más ocupado or atareado
1.3 (make unavailable)
all our money is tied up in property
todo nuestro dinero está invertido or metido en bienes raíces
1.4 (impede) (US)
1.5 (finalize)
(British) (deal)
I had to get everything tied up before I left
tuve que dejarlo todo arreglado antes de irme
1.6 (connect)to be tied up with something
estar ligado a or relacionado con algo
2verb + adverb 2.1 (moor) (Nautical) 2.2 (be linked)to tie up with something
estar relacionado (con algo)
estar ligado (a algo)
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