There are 2 translations of token in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈtəʊkən/


  • 1 1.1 (expression, indication) please accept this small token of our gratitude le pedimos que acepte este pequeño obsequio como muestra or prueba de nuestro agradecimiento they removed their hats as a token of respect se quitaron el sombrero en señal de respeto it's not a big present, it's just a token no es un gran regalo, es solo un detalle as a token of my love como prueba or [literario/literary] prenda de mi amor by the same token de igual modo, del mismo modo, de la misma manera 1.2 (memento) recuerdo (m) may I keep it as a token ¿puedo guardarlo de recuerdo?
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    • Except for a few very visible tokens, the voices and lives of women are trivialized, if not simply cropped out of the scene altogether, and this is the crux of the problem.
    • His work was almost always meant to have the quality of a personal token, rather than that of an object for public display.
    • In the 1800s, puzzle purses became popular: the Valentine was carefully folded, so its recipient had to refold it to read the messages and find the love tokens concealed therein.
  • 2 2.1 (coin) ficha (f), cospel (m) (Arg) 2.2 (voucher) (BrE) vale (m); (given as present) vale (m), cheque-regalo (m) a book /record token un vale or un cheque-regalo para comprar un libro/disco
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    • So if your budget stretches to it, a book or record token or gift voucher as well may not go amiss.
    • Keep and use all the coupons and tokens you get free, but only if they're for items you would buy anyway.
    • The other two section winners each receive £75 shopping vouchers and leisure tokens as well as a trophy.
    More example sentences
    • The gaming system avoids having to use coins or tokens in the operation of slot machines.
    • They were operated by tokens rather than money.
    • The couple say they got into trouble when a woman and her Jamaican boyfriend gave them tokens for gambling machines in a casino during the holiday.

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There are 2 translations of token in Spanish:



  • (before n, no comp) [payment/fine/gesture] simbólico; [strike/stoppage] de advertencia we put in a token appearance at the party hicimos acto de presencia en la fiesta the panel is made up of four men plus the token woman el panel está integrado por cuatro hombres y la mujer que hay que incluir para salvar las apariencias or por pura fórmula
    More example sentences
    • How does an apathetic agnostic even begin to redress a quarter-century of token gestures and guest appearances at church?
    • Neither side called him, and he made one token appearance at the trial.
    • But even the head acknowledges that her school is beyond such token gestures.

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