There are 2 translations of toll in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /təʊl/


  • 1 c 1.1 [Transp] peaje (m), cuota (f) (Méx) (before n) toll bar barrera (f) de peaje or (Méx) cuota toll call (AmE) llamada (f) interurbana, conferencia (f) (Esp) toll motorway (BrE) autopista (f) de peaje or (Méx) cuota toll plaza (AmE) zona (f) de cabinas de peaje or (Méx) cuota toll road/tunnel carretera (f)/túnel (m) de peaje or (Méx) de cuota
    More example sentences
    • Local governments throughout China have increasingly been using tolls on roads and bridges as a means of supplementing their income.
    • Nobody should be surprised by the Government's plans for road tolls, but I, for one, have been shocked by the reaction from some quarters of the fleet industry.
    • The goal of this project is to shift discretionary traffic out of the peak period by reducing the existing tolls on two bridges during the shoulder times before and after the morning and evening rush-hour peaks.
    1.2 (cost, damage) the death toll el número de muertos or de víctimas mortales the traffic toll (AmE) el número de accidentes de tráfico, el índice de siniestralidad en carretera the climate took a toll on his health el clima le afectó la salud the train crash took a heavy toll el accidente ferroviario se cobró numerosas víctimas all those sleepless nights will take their toll los efectos de tantas noches sin dormir se van a hacer sentir luego
  • 2 u [literario/literary] (of bell) tañido (m)
    More example sentences
    • Even after he had heard the toll of the bell ring, it took him another full minute to safely retrieve his finger.
    • An album of cinema-flavoured music, it opens with a single, western-style bell toll.
    • It was a beautiful sound, almost like the echo of a bell toll.

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There are 2 translations of toll in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (ring) [bell] tañer*, tocar* 1.2 (announce, mark) anunciar
    More example sentences
    • Livra's words had set a bell tolling the death knell in the king's head.
    • Finally just as fashion had contributed to the rise of hairwork, so did it toll its death knell.
    • The rising share of foreign businesses in China's delivery market could toll the demise of less prepared domestic carriers


  • [bell] tocar*, doblar For whom the bell tolls Por quien doblan las campanas
    More example sentences
    • Today the bell will toll for the last time at Chippenham Livestock Market when the final beast goes up for sale.
    • Presently, the Church bell began to toll, signalling that the nightly curfew was about to begin.
    • He quickly seated himself as a bell tolled, signaling the start of class.

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