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American English: /ˈtrævəl/
British English: /ˈtrav(ə)l/

Translation of travel in Spanish:

intransitive verb (British) travelling travelled

  • 1 (make journey) when are you traveling?
    ¿cuándo viajas?
    they traveled by night
    viajaron de noche
    to travel by air or by plane
    viajar en avión
    to travel by rail or train
    viajar en tren
    to travel overland/by road
    viajar por tierra/por carretera
    to travel on horseback/foot
    ir a caballo/a pie
    passengers traveling to Budapest
    los pasajeros con destino a Budapest
    we were traveling very light
    viajábamos con muy poco equipaje or muy ligeros de equipaje
    I have to travel a lot in my job
    tengo que viajar mucho por cuestiones de trabajo
    I spent a month traveling around France
    estuve un mes viajando por or recorriendo Francia
    Example sentences
    • I once fell in love over the internet, and travelled 5 thousand miles to meet her.
    • It is thought thousands of people travelled for hundreds of miles bringing their cattle with them for the feast, which was held after the Roman invasion.
    • On one occasion he ran eight marathons in just ten days, and has often had to travel for thousands of miles to get from one race to the next.
  • 2 2.1 (move, go)
    we were traveling at more than 80mph
    íbamos a más de 80 millas por hora
    skiers travel down the slope at incredible speeds
    los esquiadores bajan por la pendiente a velocidades increíbles
    the ball traveled 100m
    la pelota recorrió 100m
    news travels fast
    las noticias vuelan
    the rumor traveled swiftly around the building
    el rumor se propagó or extendió rápidamente por todo el edificio
    the crane travels on rails
    la grúa se desliza or corre sobre rieles
    the liquid travels along this pipe
    el líquido corre or va por esta tubería
    Example sentences
    • This means that light rays travel to the back of the retina before they have been bent by the cornea and lens.
    • No studies have been made in bordering countries, although there are concerns that radiation travels via the wind, water and fauna.
    • The amount of rays constantly traveling through their body was immeasurable.
    2.2 (move fast) [colloquial]he was really traveling!
    venía/iba a toda velocidad
    venía/iba como una bala [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • A third articulated lorry travelling behind the three vehicles also moved across and as it did so ploughed into the back of the car, shunting it into the trucks in front.
    • I feel that calming has a significant effect on vehicles: cars travelling at excessive speeds would create a series of noises from each ‘hump’.
    • Now appreciate that a vehicle traveling at 60 mph moves 88 feet per second.
  • 3 (react to being transported) this wine travels very well
    la calidad de este vino no se ve afectada por el transporte
    British humor doesn't travel well
    el humor británico resulta difícil de entender en el extranjero
  • 4 (Business)
    ser viajante
    ser representante
    ser corredor (Río de la Plata)
    to travel in somethinghe travels in perfumery
    es representante or (Río de la Plata also) corredor de artículos de perfumería

transitive verb (British) travelling travelled

  • (country/world)
    viajar por
    we travel the length and breadth of the country
    viajamos a lo largo y ancho del país
    Example sentences
    • In his time with the company, he travelled every road and boreen in the Waterford area and he had many a conversation with his clients about farming life.
    • In England the road traffic code system is much the same as here, if you stay away from the motorways and travel the country roads.
    • This is the age at which they can wander and be induced to travel the wrong road.


  • 1 1.1 uncountable (activity)
    viajes (masculine plural)
    cheap travel
    viajes a precios reducidos
    his job involves a lot of travel
    tiene que viajar mucho por su trabajo
    how much do you spend on travel to work?
    ¿cuánto gastas para ir al trabajo?
    the cost includes travel to and from the airport
    el precio incluye los traslados al y desde el aeropuerto
    we covered 800km in a day's travel
    hicimos 800km en un día de viaje
    Acme Travel
    Viajes (masculine plural) Acme
    (before noun) (company/brochure)
    de viajes
    de or sobre viajes
    travel alarm
    despertador (masculine) de viaje
    travel bag
    bolso (masculine) de viaje or de mano
    travel documents
    documentos (masculine plural) de viaje
    travel news
    boletín (masculine) informativo para el viajero
    travel writer
    (persona que escribe libros o artículos sobre viajes)
    Example sentences
    • It would provide lots of adventure and travel but at the same time also put a safe distance between him and some of the men and women he had cheated.
    • It also avoided a lot of travel back and forward.
    • Twenty-five years ago, I learned about business travel by spending a lot of time in San Francisco.
    also: travels plural
    viajes (masculine plural)
    if you see Pete in your travels [colloquial]
    si ves a Pete por ahí
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