Translation of treasure in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈtreʒər; ˈtreʒə(r)/


  • 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (hoard of wealth) tesoros (masculine plural) they were hunting for buried treasure buscaban tesoros escondidos the galleon was laden with treasure el galeón estaba lleno de riquezas
    More example sentences
    • He drew it back, cradling it like precious treasure.
    • Russia, having annexed the Crimea, had embarked on a titanic struggle with the Ottoman Empire which was absorbing stupendous quantities of manpower and treasure.
    • He had always sort of imagined love, a fact he guarded more carefully than the most precious of his treasure.
    1.2 countable/numerable (sth valuable, prized) tesoro (masculine) the treasures of Antiquity los tesoros de la antigüedad art treasures tesoros artísticos this letter is one of my treasures esta carta es uno de mis más preciados tesoros a good mechanic is a real treasure un buen mecánico es una verdadera joya a treasure house of information una mina de información
    More example sentences
    • Ancient manuscripts depicting the history of Armenia are housed in the national library, Madenataran, and are valued national and historical treasures.
    • Sometimes, this involved the omission of some real treasures.
    • If you don't drink the occasional bottle of Californian wine, then you're missing out on some real treasures.
    1.3 (term of endearment) tesoro (masculine) you're a treasure! ¡eres un tesoro!
    More example sentences
    • He's a national treasure and I just love the guy.
    • Congratulations Maureen; you're one of Kilmead's real treasures.
    • Oliver's been a real treasure and has loosely formed a routine for both day and night.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (value greatly) thank you for the book, I shall always treasure it gracias por el libro, siempre significará muchísimo para mí you should treasure a friend like him deberías apreciar or valorar muchísimo a un amigo como él I treasure the moments we spent together el recuerdo de los momentos que pasamos juntos es muy preciado para mí, atesoro el recuerdo de los momentos que pasamos juntos [literary/literario] 1.2
    (treasured past participle of/participio pasado de)
    preciado my most treasured possession mi bien más preciado [literary/literario]

Phrasal verbs

treasure up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
[literary/literario] [memories/letters] atesorar, guardar como un tesoro

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