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American English: /trɪp/
British English: /trɪp/

Translation of trip in Spanish:


  • 1 (journey) I'd like to go on a long trip
    me gustaría hacer un viaje largo
    a weekend trip to Paris
    un viaje de fin de semana a París
    we took a trip down to the coast
    fuimos de excursión a la costa
    she's going on a trip to Japan
    se va de viaje al Japón
    he's away on a trip
    está de viaje
    ha salido de viaje
    a trip to the theater
    una salida or una visita al teatro
    a trip to the country
    una excursión or salida al campo
    a trip to the zoo/dentist
    una visita al zoológico/dentista
    enjoy your trip!
    ¡buen viaje!
    it took two trips to bring everything over
    tuvimos ( or tuvieron etc. ) que hacer dos viajes para traerlo todo
  • 3 [slang] 3.1 (drug-induced) to be on a trip
    estar en un viaje or tener un colocón or (Mexico also) estar en un pasón [slang]
    he's had a bad trip
    ha hecho un mal viaje [slang]
    Example sentences
    • It was a nice article about Walter's hallucinations and drug trips.
    • I've seen the mandalas and lights and patterns of delirium and drug trips, watched the shamans in their trances during field research.
    • Much as he liked his acid trips, cocaine was not his thing.
    3.2 (obsession) she's been on a real guilt trip lately
    le ha dado por sentirse culpable últimamente
    they've gone on this health food trip
    les ha dado la manía de la comida sana
    see alsoego trip

intransitive verb present participle tripping past tense, past participle tripped

  • 1 1.1 (stumble) to trip and fall
    tropezar y caerse
    to trip on/over something
    tropezar con algo
    they were tripping over themselves to help him
    se deshacían por ayudarlo
    Example sentences
    • Marcy stumbled backwards and tripped over her own foot, falling on her bottom with a thud and nearly toppling over the edge of the rock again.
    • But because of my precarious balance I stumbled back, tripped over my own feet and landed on someone's lap.
    • Completely taken by surprise, Vincent tripped over the foot and stumbled, falling headlong for the floor.
    1.2trip up 1
  • 2 (move lightly and easily) (+ adverb complement) she tripped along beside him
    caminaba a su lado con paso airoso or ligero
    her surname doesn't exactly trip off the tongue
    su apellido no es muy fácil de pronunciar, que digamos
    the answer came tripping off his tongue
    la respuesta le salió automáticamente
    Example sentences
    • For the whole day, I ate small bits of food, skipped, tripped, danced and pranced to my next destination, Penepia.
    • Kim bounded up the steps first, tripping into the hall.
    • Kari restrained herself from running to the counter, and compromised by walk/hopping and tripping.
  • 3

    trip (out)

    (on drugs) [slang]
    flipar(se) [slang]
    Example sentences
    • She thinks little of seeking vengeance for wrongs, tripping out on magic mushrooms and, in an especially lovely moment of controlled atmosphere, engaging in a spot of Ouija board shenanigans.
    • A friend and I were tripping on an unspecified drug, laughing our heads off, and channel surfing.
    • Well to make a long story short she was killed by a drug addict who was tripping on acid.

transitive verb present participle tripping past tense, past participle tripped

  • 1

    trip (up)

    (make stumble) (intentionally)
    hacerle una zancadilla a
    ponerle or echarle una or la zancadilla a (Spain)
    you tripped her!
    ¡le hiciste una zancadilla!
    ¡le pusiste or echaste la or una zancadilla! (Spain)
    Example sentences
    • Though this was kind of a good thing, meaning that she wouldn't be falling over and tripping the other people that were also in the car.
    • Well anyway, Mandy and I were both running after the ball, and I guess I tripped her or she fell on her own, but she went down.
    • He laughed at every fall, and tripped him when he tried to get up.
  • 3 (set off)
    hacer que se dispare
    Example sentences
    • The lift reached the ground floor safely, but the extra weight tripped a brake and cut the power supply.
    • If a single atom of the substance decays, it will activate a relay mechanism which trips a hammer.
    • When the stop switch is tripped, floor-mounted clamps lock down the pins on the body shell.

Phrasal verbs

trip over

verb + adverb
tropezar y caerse

trip up

1verb + adverb (make mistake)
meter la pata [colloquial]
I tripped up over the dates
me equivoqué en las fechas
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (cause to make mistake)
hacer equivocar
2.2trip 3 1
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