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American English: /tru/
British English: /truː/

Translation of true in Spanish:

adjective truer, truest

  • 1 1.1 (consistent with fact, reality) to be true
    ser cierto
    ser verdad
    it's true that …
    es cierto or es verdad que …
    it can't be true!
    ¡no puede ser!
    it's a true story
    es una historia verídica
    to come true
    hacerse realidad
    to hold true
    ser válido
    true, inflation has fallen, but … how true! or too true!
    ¡si será cierto!
    you never said or spoke a truer word!
    ¡tú lo has dicho!
    it would be truer to say that …
    sería más correcto decir que …
    would it be true to say that … ?
    ¿podría afirmarse que …?
    they're so stupid it's not true
    parece mentira que sean tan tontos
    son increíblemente tontos
    1.2 (accurate, exact) (before noun)
    the portrait was a true likeness of her
    el retrato la había captado a la perfección
    in the truest sense of the word
    Example sentences
    • They're working hard at trying to redress all of this and come to a true, exact count.
    • They are not, however, true or accurate representations of either the West or the East.
    • Introducing the members of his team and the cast at a function, Bala said that the film would depict love in its true sense.
  • 2 (real, actual, genuine) (before noun)
    a true Mexican/Frenchman
    un mexicano/francés auténtico
    give me your true opinion
    dime de verdad lo que piensas
    in search of our true selves
    en busca de nuestra verdadera identidad
    the rowan is not a true ash
    el serbal no es un auténtico or verdadero fresno
    true north
    el norte geográfico
    it's true love
    es amor de verdad
    see alsotruelove
    Example sentences
    • The Buddha discovered that the genuine, true thing we keep looking for isn't there at all.
    • I consider that the Family Court does not have true and genuine evidence to support their decision.
    • This was the search for the genuine goal and true essence or martial arts on which he spent most of his time.
    Example sentences
    • It dealt with some of the real, true issues of what this Government is really all about.
    • Statements to the press are now the key in determining true intentions.
    • Yet this is not an actual or true experience, because it does not recur the next day or anytime soon.
  • 3 (faithful) twelve good men and true
    doce hombres justos
    true to something/somebody
    fiel a algo/alguien
    to be true to one's word
    ser fiel a or mantener su ( or mi etc. ) palabra
    he was true to his promise
    cumplió su promesa
    cumplió lo prometido
    I must remain true to myself
    tengo que ser consecuente conmigo mismo
    the film is not at all true to the book
    la película no es en absoluto fiel al libro
    true to his prediction …
    conforme a sus predicciones …
    true to formtrue to form, he arrived late
    como era de esperar, llegó tarde
    the team, true to recent form, played brilliantly
    el equipo, siguiendo su tónica actual, jugó estupendamente
    she was running true to form, telling everyone what to do see alsotrue-to-life
    Example sentences
    • He was faithful, true, a loyal friend, a good son, and he was wise beyond his years.
    • She is remembered as a devoted family woman and a true and loyal friend.
    • You have made an oath and a pledge that you will be a faithful, true and loyal citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • 4 (Technology) (predicative) to be true (wall/upright)
    estar a plomo
    estar a nivel
    estar alineado or centrado
    estar bien calibrado
    his aim is true
    tiene buena puntería
    Example sentences
    • It will lead to a displacement of the user positioning solution from the true position.
    • Only then could I feel confident and proud that my aim was true, and that I was indeed a great hunter.
    • In both directions, the bubble stayed exactly in the middle so I knew that this edge of the level was true.


  • to be out of true (wall/upright)
    no estar a plomo
    no estar a nivel
    ser demasiado abierto/cerrado
    no estar alineado or centrado
    no estar bien calibrado


  • 1 (truthfully) [literary]
    con sinceridad
    tell me true
    Example sentences
    • He spoke truer than he knew, or else he had foreseen the course of events.
    • By my faith, he may find that he spoke truer than he is aware of.
    • Adam Smith never spoke truer than when he said: "Work is done in the workplace, but the real business of life is usually accomplished while entertaining".

Phrasal verbs

true up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hacer cuadrar
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