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American English: /t(j)un/
British English: /tjuːn/

Translation of tune in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (melody) I remember the tune, but not the words
    me acuerdo de la música pero no de la letra
    there's not much tune to his songs uncountable
    sus canciones no tienen mucha melodía or no son muy melódicas
    I'm sick of hearing the same old tune
    estoy harto de oír siempre la misma cantinela [colloquial]
    to call the tune
    llevar la batuta or la voz cantante
    to change one's tune
    cambiar de parecer
    to dance to another tune
    ponerse como una malva
    to the tune of somethingexpenses to the tune of $500 a day
    500 dólares al día en concepto de gastos de representación
    to the tune of the Marseillaise
    con la música de la Marsellesa
    Example sentences
    • Jayachandran dismisses the allegation that some of the music composers lift the tune from old songs.
    • For the fanfares and songs, the music director used tunes from Byrd's Battle and other programmatic courtly pieces.
    • The music was some catchy tunes by Richard Rodgers that my friend and I were humming incessantly!
  • 2 uncountable (correct pitch) to sing out of tune to sing in tune
    cantar bien
    this string is in/out of tune
    esta cuerda está afinada/desafinada
    to be in/out of tune with something/somebodya leader in tune with the people
    un líder en sintonía con el pueblo
    the building is quite out of tune with its surroundings
    el edificio desentona or no está en armonía con su entorno

transitive verb

  • 1 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • It will take money to tune the pianos, but that is far less than what it would cost to purchase a new piano.
    • Now this isn't the only way to tune musical instruments.
    • Advertisements for a piano tuning school pictured a woman tuning an upright piano.
  • 2 (Motor Vehicles)
    poner a punto
    Example sentences
    • What a difference in performance when your body, like your vehicle, is finely tuned and ‘adjusted’.
    • If you show me a dad who thinks he's a great car mechanic, I will show you a badly tuned engine.
    • Before tuning the engine, you must use a fuel injector additive to improve injection.
  • 3 (Radio, Television) stay tuned for more details
    para más información permanezca en nuestra sintonía
    Example sentences
    • Some radio telescopes can be tuned to this frequency, but some simply can't.
    • This Radio is tuned to ‘inspirational’ easy listening and that's all we get.
    • One radio was tuned to the tanker-control frequency and the other radio directly to the tanker.
    Example sentences
    • Louise ruefully confessed she rarely tunes in to watch television these days.
    • Listeners can also tune in to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire who will broadcast from many of the buildings on the day.
    • Millions of fans will be tuning in to watch the match on television.

intransitive verb

  • (Radio, Television)to tune to something
    (to station/wavelength)
    sintonizar algo

Phrasal verbs

tune in

verb + adverb
1 (Radio, Television)to tune in to something
sintonizar (con) algo
tune in (to us) again tomorrow
sintonícenos otra vez or sintonice otra vez con nosotros mañana
2 (become receptive) [colloquial]to tune in to something
sintonizar con algo
to tune in to somebody's way of thinking
sintonizar con la manera de pensar de alguien

tune out

1verb + preposition + object (stop listening to) [colloquial]
dejar de prestar atención
dejar de escuchar
2verb + object + adverb (exclude)
deshacerse de

tune up

verb + adverb
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