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Pronunciation: /ˈvɑːljuːm; ˈvɒljuːm/


  • 1 u and c [Physics/Física] (of a body) volumen (masculine); (of container) capacidad (feminine) what is the volume of this bottle? ¿qué capacidad tiene esta botella?
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    • With negative curvature, space has infinite volume.
    • Likewise, a gas will occupy any volume which is made available to it.
    • In other words, it takes on the exact shape and volume of its container.
  • 2 uncountable/no numerable (amount) cantidad (feminine), volumen (masculine); (of business, trade) volumen (masculine) the volume of mail we get la cantidad or el volumen de correspondencia que recibimos
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    • The amount and volume of material we receive each day is huge and unfortunately sometimes it's impossible to answer everybody's pleas.
    • A year later, he upgraded the phone system to handle the growing volume of phone orders.
    • The business has also been successful in increasing both the value and volume of orders per customer through better customer relationship management.
  • 3 uncountable/no numerable (of sound) volumen (masculine) to turn the volume up/down subir/bajar el volumen
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    • Pianists must rely more heavily on differing volume levels to distinguish voices.
    • There are two further console-style buttons on the top of the device, positioned for index-finger usage, and power and volume controls on the base.
    • The controls are on top surface of the right-hand satellite speaker but are limited to the power switch and volume control.
  • 4 countable/numerable 4.1 (book) tomo (masculine), volumen (masculine) a two-volume dictionary un diccionario en dos tomos or volúmenes 4.2
    (volumes plural)
    (a great deal) montones (masculine plural) [colloquial/familiar] to write volumes escribir* páginas y páginas to speak volumes for sb/sth decir* mucho de algn/algo it speaks volumes for his honesty dice mucho de su honestidad the look on his face spoke volumes su expresión lo decía todo
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    • There was huge, leather bound series of volumes of Encyclopaedia Celtica.
    • Photographs are of reasonable resolution and the whole layout of the book is more pleasing and open than earlier volumes in the series.
    • Eventually the series filled two volumes published in March and May 1788.

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