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American English: /(h)wɪp/
British English: /wɪp/

Translation of whip in Spanish:


  • 1 (in horse riding)
    fusta (feminine)
    fuete (masculine) (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
    (for punishment) azote (masculine)
    to crack the whip
    hacer restallar el látigo
    the new boss is really cracking the whip
    el nuevo jefe los ( or nos etc. ) tiene a todos muy cortos [colloquial]
    el nuevo jefe les ( or nos etc. ) está apretando las clavijas [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I wouldn't be surprised if they walked around their office wearing tight leather and vinyl with whips and riding crops at their sides.
    • He makes handmade leather belts, whips and other items.
    • Some teachers also punish students by flogging them with whips made of rubber (from strips of old car tires), with heavier canes, or simply by slapping, kicking, or pinching them.
  • 2Whip (Politics) 2.1 (person)
    (diputado responsable de la disciplina de su grupo parlamentario)
    Example sentences
    • It is almost certain that a government with a decent Parliamentary majority will win this as the bill represents what that government wants and the party whips will ensure that a smooth vote takes place.
    • Alex Johnstone, the parliamentary whip, said MSPs had only discussed a ‘broad position’.
    • Furthermore, the Prime Minister has had no difficulty in finding Parliamentary whips to organise majorities even for the most contentious legislation.
    2.2 (British) (summons)
    (citación a un parlamentario para que acuda a votar)
    Example sentences
    • One in seven Labour MPs defied the whip by voting against or abstaining.
    • Despite the party whip, 36 Labour MPs voted against the 42-day detention bill.
    • For the ANC, this has allowed us to prepare a one-page Weekly Whip for our Members, informing us exactly when each debate is to take place and whether there is a two or three-line whip.

Cultural Note: Whip

En la Cámara de los Comunes House of Commons británica, los Whips son parlamentarios MP - Member of Parliament que tienen la responsabilidad de mantener la disciplina entre sus colegas de partido, y de asegurarse de que asistan a las sesiones y de que emitan su voto. En el Congreso Congress de EEUU los whips tienen las mismas responsabilidades, también existen Whips de cada partido.

transitive verb present participle whipping past tense, past participle whipped

  • 1 1.1 (lash)
    pegarle a (con la fusta)
    darle una paliza or un azote a
    rain whipped the deck
    la lluvia azotaba la cubierta
    the wind whipped the flames higher and higher
    el viento vivaba cada vez más las llamas
    Example sentences
    • There they kicked us, beat us, whipped us with electric cables and shocked us with electricity!
    • Then he was dipped into a vat of water as he was whipped and beaten before being assaulted with an iron bar.
    • I went off to government boarding schools and there they used to whip you and beat you if you spoke your Indian language.
    Example sentences
    • The edges are whipped with wool yarns.
    1.2 (defeat) [colloquial]
    darle una paliza a [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Playing soft in practice and hard in games is a lazy man's approach and you will get whipped by the teams that play hard in practice, too.
    • Look at our results this season and only two teams have whipped us, the Ospreys and Toulouse.
    • Promoters even brought Jim Jeffries out of retirement in 1910 in the expectation that he would whip Johnson.
    1.3 (beat)
    (egg whites)
    Example sentences
    • You can whip melted chocolate like cream, the fat and the lecithin acting as a stabilizer for the foam.
    • Using the whipping attachments, whip the sugar and cream until medium stiff peaks are achieved.
    • Just before serving, gently whip the double cream, icing sugar and vanilla until it just starts to thicken.
    1.4 (incite) whip up 1 2
  • 2 2.1 (take quickly) (+ adverb complement) they whipped him to the airport
    lo llevaron a toda prisa al aeropuerto
    she whipped her coat off
    se quitó rápidamente el abrigo
    she whipped out her notebook
    sacó rápidamente la libreta
    he whipped the photo away before I could look at it
    me arrebató la foto antes de que pudiera verla
    Example sentences
    • He grabbed her arms suddenly and whipped her body around, moving her backwards until she was backed up against the wall, trapped.
    • The boys turned back to their bowling game, which as it turned out, was merely a contest to see who could whip the ball fastest down the lane.
    • She was suddenly aware of a presence beside her, and whipped her head about.
    2.2 (steal) (British) [colloquial]
    birlar [colloquial]
    afanar [slang]
    Example sentences
    • Christmas is special in many homes, but not when intruders whip four garden gnomes.
    • What's really annoying, from a sales assistant's point of view is when you look for something on the system and it says it's there, but you can't find it (probably because someone's whipped it) and the customer often then takes it out on you and you end up having a horrible day at work.

intransitive verb present participle whipping past tense, past participle whipped

  • 1 (move quickly) [colloquial] (+ adverb complement) I'll just whip out and get some cigarettes
    voy volando a comprar cigarrillos
    he whipped through his homework
    hizo los deberes volando
    Example sentences
    • He jerked upright, his head whipping around in her direction.
    • Shelby heard it, and her head whipped around in his direction.
    • I was startled, and my head whipped toward the direction of the voice.
  • 2 (beat, strike) the branches whipped back into my face
    las ramas se volvieron y me dieron con fuerza en la cara

Phrasal verbs

whip up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (arouse)
she couldn't whip up any enthusiasm for literature in her students
no pudo despertar ningún entusiasmo por la literatura en sus alumnos
I can't whip up any enthusiasm for it
no me entusiasma para nada
1.2 (incite)
1.4 (beat, whisk)
(egg whites)
1.5 (prepare hurriedly) [colloquial]
she can whip up a dress in an afternoon
es capaz de hacerse un vestido en una tarde
2verb + adverb + object (set in motion)
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