There are 2 translations of whip in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hwɪp; wɪp/


  • 1 (in horse riding) fusta (f), fuete (m) (AmL exc CS) ; (of tamer) látigo (m); (for punishment) azote (m) to crack the whip hacer* restallar el látigo the new boss is really cracking the whip el nuevo jefe los ( or nos etc) tiene a todos muy cortos [familiar/colloquial], el nuevo jefe les ( or nos etc) está apretando las clavijas [familiar/colloquial]
  • 2 [Pol] 2.1 (person)diputado responsable de la disciplina de su grupo parlamentario 2.2 (BrE) (summons) citación a un parlamentario para que acuda a votar

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There are 2 translations of whip in Spanish:




  • 1 1.1 (lash) [horse] pegarle* a (con la fusta) fustigar*; [person] azotar; [child] darle* una paliza or un azote a rain whipped the deck la lluvia azotaba la cubierta the wind whipped the flames higher and higher el viento vivaba cada vez más las llamas 1.2 (defeat) [colloquial/familiar] darle* una paliza a [familiar/colloquial] 1.3 (beat) [egg whites] batir; [cream] batir or (Esp) montar whipped cream crema (f) batida or (Esp) nata (f) montada 1.4 (incite) whip up 1 2
  • 2 2.1 (take quickly) (+ adv compl) they whipped him to the airport lo llevaron a toda prisa al aeropuerto she whipped her coat off se quitó rápidamente el abrigo she whipped out her notebook sacó rápidamente la libreta he whipped the photo away before I could look at it me arrebató la foto antes de que pudiera verla 2.2 (steal) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], birlar [familiar/colloquial], afanar [argot/slang], volar* (Méx, Ven) [familiar/colloquial]


  • 1.1 (move quickly) [colloquial/familiar] (+ adv compl) I'll just whip out and get some cigarettes voy volando a comprar cigarrillos he whipped through his homework hizo los deberes volando 1.2 (beat, strike) golpear the branches whipped back into my face las ramas se volvieron y me dieron con fuerza en la cara

Phrasal verbs

whip up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (arouse) [trouble/unrest] provocar*, crear; [hatred] fomentar; [support] conseguir* she couldn't whip up any enthusiasm for literature in her students no pudo despertar ningún entusiasmo por la literatura en sus alumnos I can't whip up any enthusiasm for it no me entusiasma para nada 1.2 (incite) [crowd] incitar, agitar 1.3 [wind] agitar; [dust] levantar 1.4 (beat, whisk) [egg whites] batir; [cream] batir, montar (Esp) 1.5 (prepare hurriedly) [colloquial/familiar] [meal] improvisar she can whip up a dress in an afternoon es capaz de hacerse un vestido en una tarde 1.1v + adv + o (set in motion) [horses/team] azuzar*

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