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American English: /ˈ(h)wɪsəl/
British English: /ˈwɪs(ə)l/

Translation of whistle in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (make sound)
    (loudly) chiflar
    to whistle to a dog
    silbarle or chiflarle a un perro
    he whistled to me to take cover
    me silbó or (Latin America also) me chifló para que me pusiera a cubierto
    to whistle at the girls
    silbarles or (Latin America also) chiflarles a las chicas
    to whistle for something [colloquial]if they want more money, they can whistle for it
    si quieren más dinero, van a tener que esperar sentados [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He whistled through his teeth, a high pitched sound that grated on the human ears.
    • And so, Peter Howard strolled back towards the lower engine compartment, cheerfully whistling under his breath.
    • The Congresswoman is whistling through her teeth.
    Example sentences
    • When the kettle began whistling, I turned around to get the hot water for my green tea.
    • The kettle began to whistle, and she broke herself out of her reverie and made two mugs of tea.
    • The train whistled and slowly began its entrance to the London station.
    Example sentences
    • The only sound is the wind whistling through the tall pines.
    • All you could hear was the wind whistling through the stadium
    • I sat there, with the sun beating down on me, the wind whistling in my hair and the sound of a buzzard overhead looking for prey.
    Example sentences
    • Urs Meier, the Swiss referee, appears to have stopped whistling fouls against either team.
    • Referee Karl Kirkpatrick was the dominant figure in the opening exchanges, whistling 13 penalties in the first half before dishing out four yellow cards in the second.
    • Referee Brian Crowe started as he meant to go on: whistling for even the slightest indiscretion.
  • 2 (speed, rush) (+ adverb complement) to whistle by (bullet/arrow)
    pasar silbando
    shells went whistling overhead
    pasaban proyectiles silbando por encima

transitive verb

  • 2 (signal) he whistled the dogs over
    llamó a los perros con un silbido
    he whistled the play dead (US)
    pitó para detener el juego


  • 1 (instrument) to blow a whistle
    tocar un silbato or pito
    a factory whistle
    la sirena de una fábrica
    as clean as a whistleyour lungs are as clean as a whistle
    no tiene absolutamente nada en los pulmones
    his record is as clean as a whistle
    tiene un historial sin mancha
    to blow the whistle on somebody
    (inform on) delatar a alguien
    (reprimand) llamar a alguien al orden
    to blow the whistle on something (put a stop to)
    tomar medidas para acabar con algo
    to wet one's whistle [humorous]
    echarse un trago
    mojarse el garguero [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The works required four trumpets, three trombones, one tuba, and several percussion instruments including bells & whistles!
    • The music is a unique sound of Irish folk ballads, traditional tunes with vocals accompanied by bazouki, bodhran, harmonicas and whistles.
    • These include harps, lyres, whistles, horns, pan-pipes, bones, psalteries and some form of drum.

Phrasal verbs

whistle up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (summon)
llamar con un silbido or con un chiflido
pegarle un silbido or un chiflido a
2 (provide at short notice)
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