There are 2 translations of will in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /wɪl/

modal v (past would)

'll es la contracción de will de will not y 'll've 'll've de will have

When translating will into Spanish, the future tense is not always the first option. Ir + a + infinitive is common in Latin American countries. For examples, see the entry below.

  • 1 1.1 (talking about the future) he'll come on Friday vendrá el viernes, va a venir el viernes he said he would come on Friday dijo que vendría or iba a venir el viernes he won't ever change his ways no cambiará nunca, no va a cambiar nunca will you be staying at Jack's? ¿te vas a quedar en casa de Jack? they'll've finished the bridge by then para entonces ya habrán acabado el puente I knew they would have finished it yo sabía que lo habrían acabado or que lo iban a haber acabado at the end of this month, he'll have been working here for a year este fin de mes hará or va a hacer un año que trabaja aquí you'll live to regret this te vas a arrepentir de esto it was a decision he would live to regret fue una decisión de la cual se iba a arrepentir or se arrepentiría más tarde you won't leave without me, will you? no te irás sin mí ¿no? 1.2 (expressing resolution) (with first person) I won't let you down no te fallaré, no te voy a fallar
  • 2 2.1 (expressing willingness) will you do me a favor? ¿quieres hacerme un favor?, ¿me haces un favor? she won't tell us what happened no nos quiere decir qué pasó we asked her, but she wouldn't tell us se lo preguntamos, pero no nos quiso decir I won't stand for this no pienso tolerar esto think what you will piensa lo que quieras or lo que te parezca as you will! como quieras try as he will, he can't do it por mucho que lo intenta, no logra hacerlo it can be compared, if you will, to a detective novel puede comparárselo, si se quiere or por así decirlo con una novela policíaca 2.2 (in orders) will you stop interrupting! ¡quieres dejar de interrumpirme! be quiet, will you! cállate, ¿quieres?, ¡quieres callarte! 2.3 (in invitations) will you have a drink? ¿quieres tomar algo? won't you come in? ¿no quieres pasar? you'll stay for dinner, won't you? te quedas a cenar ¿no?
  • 3 (expressing conjecture) there's a package for you — that'll be the books I ordered hay un paquete para ti — deben (de) ser los libros que encargué won't they be having lunch now? ¿no estarán comiendo ahora? you will have gathered that … te habrás dado cuenta de que … that would have been in 1947 eso debe (de) haber sido en 1947 we had a long chat, but you wouldn't remember charlamos un rato largo, pero tú no te acordarás or no creo que tú te acuerdes
  • 4 4.1 (indicating habit, characteristic) she'll be quite happy and all of a sudden she'll burst out crying es capaz de estar de lo más contenta y de repente echarse a llorar I'll watch anything on television yo soy capaz de mirar cualquier cosa en la televisión he'd go out and get drunk every Saturday todos los sábados salía a emborracharse they'd sit up all night discussing politics solían quedarse levantados toda la noche hablando de política don't worry, these things will happen no te preocupes, son cosas que pasan oil and water won't mix el aceite y el agua no se mezclan he will jump to conclusions él siempre tiene que precipitarse a sacar conclusiones what do you expect, if you will keep spoiling him? ¿qué quieres, si lo mimas continuamente? you won't be told, will you? ¡qué cosa! ¿por qué no haces caso? 4.2 (indicating capability) it will do 40 miles per gallon hace 40 millas por galón this door won't shut esta puerta no cierra or no quiere cerrar the car wouldn't start, so I took a taxi el coche no arrancó or no quiso arrancar, así que me tomé un taxi I was getting nervous because the car wouldn't start me estaba poniendo nervioso porque el coche no arrancaba

vt (past & past p willed)

  • 1 1.1 (urge, try to cause) I was willing her to get the answer right estaba deseando con todas mis fuerzas or con toda mi voluntad que diera la respuesta correcta we all willed him on to the finish tanto lo deseábamos, que lo ayudamos a llegar a la meta 1.2 (desire, ordain) [formal] [God] disponer*, querer*
    More example sentences
    • Is it the case that a spell will not work if the person casting it consciously desires or wills the outcome?
    • From another angle, however, it is possible to argue that his premature death was willed by the state.
    • To save the world, in this understanding, God willed the violent death of God's only beloved son.
    More example sentences
    • When he died, he willed that all he had hidden down here be buried with him.
    • She had willed that after her death parts of her body be put on display or sent to those responsible for abusing animals.
  • 2 (bequeath) legar*, dejar en testamento
    More example sentences
    • If I should die before he is freed, the case will be willed to another attorney.
    • To Bentham, who willed his own body to the University of London, it was perfectly just to put the bodies of paupers to scientific use as a means of repaying their public debt.
    • He willed the farm to Annie before lapsing into delirium and feverishly mumbling his last words in the Maori he knew so well.

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There are 2 translations of will in Spanish:



  • 1 u 1.1 (faculty) voluntad (f) the teaching of the Church on freedom of will la doctrina de la Iglesia sobre el libre albedrío she has a will of her own sabe lo que quiere this machine has a will of its own esta máquina está endiablada 1.2 (determination, willpower) voluntad (f) he showed enormous strength of will demostró tener una gran (fuerza de) voluntad they didn't manage to break her will no consiguieron doblegarla a will of iron una voluntad férrea or de hierro she seems to have lost the will to live parece que hubiera perdido las ansias or las ganas de vivir they set about their tasks with a will se pusieron a trabajar con empeño where there's a will, there's a way querer es poder
    More example sentences
    • It became this battle of wills between the two sides.
    • We have to recognise that we have laid most of the building blocks already and that it is too late to win a battle of wills.
    • If he is determined to make this a battle of wills, the outcome could be very messy.
    More example sentences
    • I am proud of myself; I have managed to fulfill a feat of endurance and willpower and maintain control over my body.
    • It took all my willpower to restrain from running to the harbor and instead follow Mr. Kenton at a swift pace.
    • The man looked to be using every ounce of willpower he possessed to restrain himself.
    1.3 (desire, intention) voluntad (f) it was her will that … fue su voluntad que …, quiso que … the will of the people la voluntad del pueblo it was God's will Dios así lo quiso, fue la voluntad divina I don't want to force you against your will no quiero obligarte contra tu voluntad he did it against his father's will lo hizo contra la voluntad de su padre with the best will in the world con la mejor voluntad del mundo patients may come and go at will los pacientes pueden entrar y salir a voluntad or cuando quieren or [formal] cuando les place she was able to cry at will podía llorar cuando le daba la gana fire at will! ¡fuego a discreción!
    More example sentences
    • As Hume illustrates, we might suppose that there are no Reasons in the area of ethics - just the desires or wills of particular persons, not necessarily shared or respected by anyone else.
    • I doubted, as I watched over the little boy's head, that the old man would live, but there were always several people who had strong wills to live.
    • Artistic talent is very often present, but the will to express this talent may be slow to appear.
  • 2 c (testament) testamento (m) to make one's will hacer* su ( or mi etc) testamento last will and testament última voluntad y testamento
    More example sentences
    • Up and down the country, thousands of other people have done the same, yet all of us knew at the time we signed such documents that these wills had no proper legal status.
    • And those jurisdictions have also eliminated discrimination in the areas of property division, wills, stamp duty and hospital visitation rights.
    • In her classes, she pestered professors with questions about how the legal topic in question - wills and trusts, property law - might apply to pets.

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