There are 2 translations of wire in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /waɪr; ˈwaɪə(r)/


  • 1 1.1 c u (metal strand) alambre (m) (before n) wire brush cepillo (m) de alambre wire fence alambrada (f), alambrado (m) (AmL) wire gauze tela (f) metálica or de alambre, malla (f) metálica, tejido (m) metálico (RPl) , anjeo (m) (Col) wire netting red (f) de alambre wire rope cable (m) metálico
    More example sentences
    • Having very thin wire needles pushed into your skin and twiddled is a very bizarre experience.
    • Others were woven with thin copper wire, creating a seductively shiny and semisolid surface.
    • The earliest chronographs used vacuum tubes for timing and a thin copper wire to start and stop.
    1.2 u (fencing, mesh) alambrada (f), alambrado (m) (AmL) 1.3 c (finishing line) (AmE) the wire la línea de llegada, la meta down to the wire hasta el último momento to be caught at the wire he was caught at the wire by Robertson Robertson lo rebasó en la línea de llegada under the wire por un pelo or (Esp) por los pelos [familiar/colloquial]
  • 2 c 2.1 [Elec] [Telec] cable (m) bare wires cables pelados (before n) wire strippers alicates (mpl) pelacables, pinzas (fpl) de corte (Méx) cross2 1 2 2.2 (telegram) [colloquial/familiar] telegrama (m)
    More example sentences
    • Today, of course, we are no longer tethered to telegraph or telephone wires for conversation.
    • I frequently went down to the C&O Coloma depot, and spent time there listening in on the wire with agent Baker.
    2.3 (teletype machine) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], teletipo (m) hot off the wire de última hora (before n) wire service servicio (m) de teletipo
    More example sentences
    • Iron creates the magnetic field and copper wires carry away the current generated.
    • Do wires degenerate when electric current is passed through them?
    • Objecting to unsightly overhead wires to provide electric current, most British systems did not adopt electric traction until after 1900.

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There are 2 translations of wire in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 [Elec] to be wired to sth estar* conectado a algo these homes are wired for cable TV estas viviendas tienen instalación de televisión por cable the plug has been wrongly wired han conectado mal los cables del enchufe 1.2 (telegraph) [colloquial/familiar] wire me when you get there mándame un telegrama cuando llegues they wired me the news, they wired the news to me me comunicaron la noticia por telegrama, me telegrafiaron la noticia they wired me some money me mandaron un giro telegráfico 1.3 (bug) [colloquial/familiar] [room/apartment] colocar* or esconder micrófonos en
    More example sentences
    • The meeting discussed heating arrangements for the winter months and hope to get the prefab wired up for electricity during the next few weeks.
    • The polygraph, where you're - as you're aware, you have to be wired up to and it measures blood pressure, and heart rate and pulse and so on and so forth.
    • The informer, who is wired up, is told by one of the News of the World team hidden in a nearby van to move aside so that the paper's photographer can get a clear view of the ‘gang’ to take a picture.
    More example sentences
    • There's no point buying several grands' worth of audiophile equipment only to wire it up to cheap speakers.
    • Electronic components are then wired on to the device to process information that it senses or to drive the movement of its mechanical parts.
    • Although he has been told he would be unlikely to win a patent for wiring a vintage receiver to a handphone, he thinks he can turn it into a design-driven business.
  • 2 (fasten) the parts are wired in place las piezas van sujetas con alambre she had her jaws wired (together) le inmovilizaron las mandíbulas


  • (telegraph) [colloquial/familiar] mandar un telegrama
    More example sentences
    • As soon as the telegraph lines were back up and running she'd wire the Western Rangers, after all this was what they did for a living.

Phrasal verbs

wire up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[stereo/computer] conectar to wire sth up to sth conectar algo a algo

Definition of wire in: