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American English: /ˈwəndər/
British English: /ˈwʌndə/

Translation of wonder in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable (awe, curiosity) a child's sense of wonder
    la capacidad de asombro de un niño
    we gazed in wonder at the scene
    contemplamos la escena maravillados
    his success is an endless source of wonder to me
    su éxito es todo un misterio para mí or no deja de maravillarme
    Example sentences
    • She remembered his other expressions, wonder, joy, amazement; all positive feelings.
    • But that fear was drowned out by the overwhelming emotions that filled her: awe and wonder, expectation and joy.
    • For most of us this remarkable series of volumes will be a constant source of wonder, amazement, and re-thinking.
    Example sentences
    • Explore the wonders of coral reefs, mangrove communities, and seagrass beds while identifying the marine organisms that live there.
    • Divers can explore the underwater wonders of Eastern Indonesia on seven to eight days cruises to the islands of Komodo, Alor, Flores, Sumbawa and Lombok.
    • And new galleries exploring the wonders of astronomy and the study of time and an improved astronomy education centre will be opened in the South Building along with a shop and cafe.
  • 2 countable (marvel, miracle) the Seven Wonders of the (Ancient) World the eighth wonder of the world
    la octava maravilla
    it's a wonder (that) he didn't break his neck
    es asombroso or es un milagro que no se matara
    you're not eating properly; no wonder you feel tired!
    no estás comiendo bien; no me extraña que estés cansado or ¡con razón estás cansado!
    with so much unemployment it's little or small wonder that crime is on the increase
    con tanto desempleo no es de extrañar que siga aumentando la delincuencia
    is it any wonder he has no friends?
    ¿te sorprende que no tenga amigos?
    wonders will never cease! [humorous]
    ¡eso sí que es increíble!
    to work or do wondersthey can work wonders with the little money they have
    hacen maravillas con el poco dinero que tienen
    I'll do my best, but don't expect me to work wonders
    haré lo que pueda, pero no esperes milagros
    he's worked wonders with this room it works wonders for your complexion
    es maravilloso para el cutis
    that hairstyle does wonders for him
    ese corte de pelo lo favorece muchísimo
    Example sentences
    • This is a magical world brimming with wonders, diverse and remarkable.
    • It's no wonder that across the country they increasingly regard their elected representatives as gutless wonders.
    • It has been less than a week since the gutless wonder conceded the election way too soon.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (ponder, speculate) why do you ask? — oh, I was just wondering
    ¿por qué preguntas? — por nada or por saber
    who can that be, I wonder?
    ¿quién será?
    ¿quién podrá ser?
    I wonder if $50 will be enough
    me pregunto si con 50 dólares va a alcanzar
    he said it was an accident — I wonder
    dijo que fue un accidente — tengo mis dudas
    at first it seemed a good idea, but now I'm beginning to wonder
    al principio me pareció una buena idea pero ya no estoy tan seguro or pero ahora tengo mis dudas
    the sight of them sitting together set me wondering
    verlos sentados juntos me hizo pensar
    to wonder about somebody/-ingwe're wondering about going to Spain this summer
    estamos pensando si ir a España este verano
    I was wondering about Guy as a possible candidate
    estaba pensando que quizás Guy pudiera ser un candidato
    I wonder about you sometimes
    a veces de veras me preocupas
  • 2 (marvel, be surprised)
    to wonder at somethingI wonder at your patience
    me maravilla or me asombra la paciencia que tienes
    they don't trust him, but that's hardly to be wondered at
    no le tienen confianza, pero eso no es de extrañar
    gone off with his secretary, I shouldn't wonder
    no me extrañaría que se hubiera ido con la secretaria
    Example sentences
    • He followed her brisk stride, through the hallways and into her office, all the while wondering at the marvel that was Katherine Wood.
    • Talking to them, we wondered at the freedom they had enjoyed from an early age.
    • She wondered at the invisibility that her clothing offered her.
    Example sentences
    • Now I'm wondering if Sergei was surprised to see it, in ‘real life’ etc.
    • I was surprised, wondering if there was anything wrong with me.
    • But, because of my past, I think it took a lot of people by surprise. They wondered what was happening to me.

transitive verb

  • 1 (ask oneself)
    I wonder whose book this is
    ¿(me pregunto) de quién será or podrá ser este libro?
    I wonder what he looks like
    ¿cómo será?
    me pregunto cómo será
    I wonder why he does it
    ¿por qué lo hará?
    me pregunto por qué lo hará
    I wonder why I bother
    no sé por qué me molesto
    I wonder if or whether he'll be there
    me pregunto si estará
    I wonder whether I should take an umbrella
    no sé si llevar un paraguas o no
    we were wondering if you'd like to come around to dinner
    estábamos pensando si te gustaría venir a casa a cenar
    she wondered what to write
    no sabía qué escribir
    Example sentences
    • Those of us who live in the provinces wonder at the obsessive efforts of some Tory politicians to ingratiate themselves with that lobby.
    • Children wonder at the crossings as the light-blinking boom-gates close for the pistons.
    • He would wonder at the human body's capacity to do all that and more!
  • 2 (be amazed) I wonder (that) she didn't fire you on the spot
    me sorprende que no te haya echado inmediatamente
    I don't wonder you were upset!
    ¡como para no estar disgustado!


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