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work out

Translation of work out in Spanish:

  • 1verb + adverb 1.1 (turn out) to work out well/badly
    salir or resultar bien/mal
    it works out more/less expensive by rail
    sale or resulta más caro/más barato en tren
    to work out at somethingit works out at $75 a gram/a head
    sale (a) 75 dólares el gramo/por cabeza
    the complete package works out at $420
    el paquete completo sale (por) 420 dólares
    1.2 (be successful)
    salir bien
    things haven't worked out for her
    las cosas no le han salido bien
    1.3 (train, exercise) (Sport)
    hacer ejercicio
  • 2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (solve)
    things will work themselves out
    las cosas se arreglarán solas
    they've got to work things out for themselves
    tienen que resolver las cosas por sí mismos
    we can work it out!
    ¡ya lo arreglaremos!
    2.2 (find, calculate)
    have you worked out the answer?
    ¿lo has resuelto?
    he worked out how much we would need
    calculó cuánto necesitaríamos
    2.3 (understand)
    (person/attitude) (British)
    I couldn't work out what he meant
    no lograba entender qué quería decir
    I can't work out why he did such a thing
    no logro entender or no me explico por qué hizo semejante cosa
    I can't work out where we are
    no me doy cuenta de dónde estamos
    2.4 (devise, determine)
    we've worked out a deal with the unions
    hemos llegado a un acuerdo con los sindicatos
    the details still have to be worked out
    todavía falta finalizar los detalles
    I've worked out a way of …
    he encontrado or ideado una manera de …
    I've got to work out what to do with the money
    tengo que decidir qué hacer con el dinero
    to have it all worked out [colloquial]
    tenerlo todo resuelto or planeado
    2.5 (complete)
    (prison sentence)
    to work out one's notice
    trabajar hasta el final del período de preaviso
    2.6 (exhaust)
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