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American English: /ˈwəri/
British English: /ˈwʌri/

Translation of worry in Spanish:

noun plural worries

  • 1 countable (trouble, problem) his biggest worry is his child's well-being
    su mayor preocupación es el bienestar de su hijo
    that's the least of our worries
    eso es lo que menos nos preocupa
    he has serious financial worries
    tiene serios problemas económicos
    our eldest son is a great worry to us
    nuestro hijo mayor nos da or nos causa muchas preocupaciones
    (Australian) [colloquial] no worries
    ningún problema
    Example sentences
    • Financial worries, a stressful job, redundancy or fear of unemployment, even moving house, can trigger depression in vulnerable people.
    • While some were losing their nerve amid mounting financial worries, the bullish chief executive insisted that the opportunity had to be seized.
    • In contrast to his early years, his later life was marked by financial worries, frustration and disappointment.
  • 2 uncountable (distress, anxiety) this has been a great source of worry to her
    esto la ha tenido muy preocupada or inquieta
    there's no cause for worry
    no hay motivo para preocuparse or inquietarse
    she's been giving us a lot of worry
    (due to illness) nos ha tenido muy preocupados
    (due to behavior) nos ha estado dando or causando muchas preocupaciones
    Example sentences
    • He was too anxious and full of worry about the upcoming war.
    • Poor Melindisar must be quite anxious with worry by now.
    • The result will be worry and potential poverty for millions, and for some losing their homes when they cannot keep up payments after retiring.

transitive verb worries, worrying, worried

  • 1 (trouble) I don't want to worry him
    no quiero preocuparlo or inquietarlo
    what's worrying you?
    ¿qué es lo que te preocupa?
    it worries him to think that …
    le preocupa pensar que …
    that bill has been worrying me all morning
    esa cuenta me ha tenido preocupado toda la mañana
    that doesn't worry me
    eso no me preocupa
    (expressing indifference) eso me tiene or me trae sin cuidado
    I don't want to worry you with my problems
    no te quiero molestar con mis problemas
    Example sentences
    • Police had worried about trouble after the match but apart from a few incidents of drunkenness the upset didn't cause patrols any problems.
    • But looking at the food which seemed somewhat unsanitary, we worried about whether it would cause other problems later.
    • It made you do silly things and it gave you an awful headache, but we never worried about the risks, let alone the long-term health consequences.
  • 2 2.1 (harass, attack) the dog has been worrying the sheep
    el perro ha estado acosando or molestando a las ovejas
    Example sentences
    • They would surely not be associated with the minority of hikers who leave gates open, stray from the footpaths or let their unattended dogs worry sheep but these people do exist.
    • The law states that if dogs worry sheep in any way then farmers are within their rights to shoot them.
    • It will certainly offer some protection in terms of sheep being worried by dogs that escape from hunters.
    2.2 (work on) he worries the problem until he finds a solution
    le da vueltas al problema hasta que le encuentra una solución
    the dog was worrying a bone
    el perro jugueteaba con un hueso

intransitive verb worries, worrying, worried

  • preocuparse
    she worries a lot
    se preocupa mucho
    worrying never did anyone any good
    con preocuparse no se gana or no se saca nada
    there's no need to worry
    no hay por qué preocuparse
    not to worry (British) shall I wash the dishes? — no, don't worry
    ¿quieres que lave los platos? — no, no te molestes
    it's going to get much worse, don't you worry!
    va a empeorar mucho más, ya vas a ver
    you should worry, you have another job to go to [colloquial]
    ¿y tú qué problema tienes? ¡tú ya tienes otro trabajo!
    to worry about something/somebody
    preocuparse por algo/alguien
    he never worries about anything
    no se preocupa por nada
    don't worry about us
    no te preocupes por nosotros
    I worry about her living on her own
    me preocupa que viva sola
    I still owe you some money — no, don't worry about it
    aún te debo dinero — no, déjalo

reflexive verb worries, worrying, worried

  • to worry oneself about something/somebody
    preocuparse por algo/alguien
    I've been worrying myself sick or silly or to death about you [colloquial]
    he estado preocupadísimo or muy preocupado por ti
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