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past tense wrote past participle written
American English: /raɪt/
British English: /rʌɪt/

Translation of write in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (put in writing) how do you write that? mother writes that they are well
    mamá dice en la carta que están bien
    it is written that …
    está escrito que …
    (to have something) written all over one/one's facejealousy was written all over him/his face
    se le notaba a la legua/en la cara que estaba celoso
    don't pretend it wasn't you, it's written all over your face
    Example sentences
    • Write with the knowledge of death on your shoulder, write the beauty of the red leafed begonia, remember winter, write with compassion.
    • To write the love of God above would drain the ocean dry.
    • If all the water of the oceans became ink, it will not be enough to write the Greatness of Allah.
  • 2 (compose)
    I wrote him a letter
    le escribí una carta
    to write somebody a check or (British) cheque
    hacerle un cheque a alguien
    extenderle un cheque a alguien [formal]
    Example sentences
    • I wrote to him just to say what a great job he was doing and how proud to be a New Zealander he made me, and he took the trouble to write a lovely letter back.
    • He wrote letters and he sent them through a talk show producer and asked the talk show producer to get it to a family member.
    • So I wrote the letter and sent it that evening before I went to bed.
    Example sentences
    • I'm the only president whose ever written a novel and I've written a book of poetry in the past as well.
    • We know he was interested in American literature, for he wrote an essay each on Whitman and Thoreau.
    • He literally wrote a book on the subject, shortly after his second daughter, Justine, was born.
  • 3 (write letter to) (US)
    escribirle a
    she wrote her uncle that she was coming home
    le escribió a su tío diciéndole que volvía a casa
    Example sentences
    • Shortly after that visit home, she wrote me to ask if she could borrow $250.
    • We met because I took out her best friend, and she wrote me to tease me about it.
    • Next morning he wrote her to come.
  • 4 (Computing) to write something to disk or (British also) disc
    traspasar algo a un disco
    Example sentences
    • Details are written to a file named after the IP address of the Ethernet on each ARM.
    • Every time a host application writes a transaction to the local disk storage subsystem, a data protection appliance writes it in parallel to the local compatible appliance.
    • The application can seek, read, an write bytes to the stream as it is a local file.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (produce writing) this pencil doesn't write very well
    este lápiz no escribe muy bien
    Example sentences
    • A stroke can affect your ability to read and write and even if you can talk, sometimes the words don't come out in the correct order.
    • Thereafter, lacking the ability to read and write, they were unable to cope with an education that assumed the existence of these skills.
    • It is clear that higher education is a sector predicated upon the ability to read and write accurately.
  • 2 (as author, journalist) I've always wanted to write
    siempre he querido ser escritor
    she writes for a newspaper/for television
    escribe en un periódico/para la televisión
    to write about/on something
    escribir acerca de or sobre algo
  • 3 (in letter) to write to somebody
    escribirle a alguien
    I wish you'd write to me more often
    quisiera que me escribieras más seguido
    I am writing in response to the advertisement which …
    me dirijo a ustedes con relación al anuncio que …
    you never write to your mother
    nunca le escribes a tu madre
    we write to each other every month
    nos escribimos todos los meses
    I write home once a week
    escribo a casa una vez por semana
    to be nothing to write home about
    no ser nada del otro mundo
    no ser nada del otro jueves [colloquial]

Phrasal verbs

write away

verb + adverb
to write away for somethingshe wrote away for a form/sample
escribió pidiendo que le mandaran un formulario/una muestra

write back

verb + adverb
to write back (to somebody) I wrote to her, but she never wrote back
le escribí, pero no me contestó

write down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
2 (Finance)
amortizar (por depreciación)

write in

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (insert)
1.2 (include)
1.3 (in US)
(candidate's name)
1.4 (in play, series)
2verb + adverb
lots of listeners wrote in for signed photographs
muchos oyentes escribieron pidiendo fotos autografiadas

write into

verb + object + preposition + object
1 (include)
incluir en
incluir en

write off

1v + advwrite away 2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (Finance)
to write something off to bad debts
pasar algo a cuentas incobrables
2.3 (consider beyond repair)
declarar siniestro total
2.4 (damage beyond repair) (British)
hacer polvo [colloquial]
2.5 (consider a failure, disregard)
dar por perdido
the project was written off as a failure
se estimó que el proyecto había sido un fracaso
after this scandal, he can be written off as a serious challenger
con este escándalo, puede decirse que queda descartado como contendiente

write out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 1.1 (write fully) write his name out in full
escribe su nombre completo
1.2 (copy) write out a neat version
pásalo en limpio or (Spain) a limpio
1.3 (complete, fill out)
eliminar (del libreto)

write up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (rewrite fully)
pasar en limpio
pasar a limpio (Spain)
2 (describe)
redactar un informe sobre
3 (review)
escribir una crítica or reseña de
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