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American English: /jɪr/
British English: /jɪə/, /jəː/

Translation of year in Spanish:


  • 1 (period of time) last year next year
    el año que viene
    el próximo año
    this time last year …
    el año pasado por estas fechas …
    every year
    todos los años
    cada año
    every other or every second year
    cada dos años
    un año sí y otro no
    once or twice a year
    una o dos veces al or por año
    how much do you earn (in) a year?
    ¿cuánto ganas al año?
    it costs $500 a year
    cuesta 500 dólares al año
    a good/poor year
    un buen/mal año
    all (the) year round
    todo el año
    it'll be a year next Monday/August
    el lunes que viene/en agosto hará un año
    by the year 2020
    para el año 2020
    in the year 1984 [formal]
    en el año 1984
    in his years as professor
    en sus tiempos de catedrático
    I'll return in a year or in a year's time
    volveré dentro de un año
    over the years I've grown accustomed to it
    con el tiempo or con los años me he ido acostumbrando
    year after year
    año tras año
    year in, year out
    año tras año
    from year to year
    de un año a otro
    from one year to the next
    de un año para (el) otro
    I'm 12 years old
    tengo doce años
    she got five years [colloquial]
    le cayeron cinco años [colloquial]
    the year one or (British) the year dot [colloquial]
    el año de Maricastaña or de la pera [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Your paycheck will be debited at the same rate each month for the entire calendar year.
    • This is the first big race meeting of the calendar year held in the second weekend of January.
    • The measure applies only to tourist visits not exceeding six months in a calendar year.
    Example sentences
    • He just wanted to be a part of the Camp for some time. It could be a period as short as a month or a year.
    • The length of time they are on the medication ranges from nine months to three years.
    • Some can be as short as six weeks, while others run from nine months up to two years.
  • 2
    also: years plural
    2.1 (a long time) it's years since I saw him, I haven't seen him for years that was years ago
    de eso hace mucho tiempo or muchos años
    years ago, there was a church here
    años atrás, aquí había una iglesia
    I haven't been to the theater for or in years
    hace años or hace muchísimo que no voy al teatro
    that's the best news I've had in years
    es la mejor noticia que me han dado en mucho tiempo
    that dress takes years off you
    ese vestido te quita años (de encima)
    he looks years older
    parece mucho mayor
    it put years on me
    me avejentó or me envejeció
    me echó años encima
    Example sentences
    • After many months and years cajoling and calling for clear leadership from the top, it had arrived.
    2.2 (age) from her earliest years
    desde pequeña or (Latin America also) desde chica
    desde su más tierna infancia
    he's very mature for his years
    es muy maduro para su edad
    he must be well on in years
    debe ser bastante entrado en años
    he's starting to feel his years now
    le están empezando a pesar los años
  • 3 3.1 (School, University) he's always top in or of his year
    siempre es el primero de su curso
    she was in my year at school
    estaba en el mismo curso que yo en el colegio
    I'm still in (the) first year
    todavía estoy en primer año or en primero
    Example sentences
    • Students in the higher year are able to smoke in the law but they are not allowed to in school.
    • We have made it compulsory for the first year students to attend classes twice a week in the lab.
    • This is our tactic in the Writing Skills course we teach to first year college students.
    3.2 (of wine)
    (of coin) año (masculine) de acuñación
    Example sentences
    • Advertising is set for its best year since 1999, according to a report out this week.
    • Was it a very good year? The vintage is simply the year that the fruit, usually one or more varieties of grapes, used in making the wine was grown.
    • In a good year, the vineyard produces 9000 bottles of the most sought-after wine.
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