Translation of compter in English:


Pronunciation: /kɔ̃te/


  • 2compter une bouteille pour trois to allow a bottle between three people
  • 3 (as fee, price) compter qch à qn to charge sb for sth
  • 6compter faire to intend to do
  • 7il comptait que je lui prête de l'argent he expected me to lend him some money


  • 4compter avec to reckon with to take [sb/sth] into account compter sans not to take [sb/sth] into account
  • 5compter sur to count on [person, help] (for support) to rely on [person, resource] (in anticipation) to reckon on [sum, income]

v refl (+ v être) (se compter)

  • leurs victoires se comptent par douzaines they have had dozens of victories

phr (à compter de)

phr (sans compter que)

  • and what is more; especially as

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