Translation of partir in English:


Pronunciation: /paʀtiʀ/

vi (+ v être)

  • 3 [bullet] to be fired; [cork] to shoot out; [capsule] to shoot off; [retort] to slip out le coup de feu est parti the gun went off il était tellement énervé que la gifle est partie toute seule he was so angry that he slapped him/her before he could stop himself
  • 5partir de to start from [idea] partir du principe que to work on the assumption that partir d'une bonne intention to be well-meant
  • 7 [parcel, application] to be sent (off)
  • 8quand il est parti on ne l'arrête plus [fam], once he starts or gets going there's no stopping him

phr (à partir de)

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