There are 2 translations of place in English:


Pronunciation: /plas/


  • 4à la place de instead of, in place of (si j'étais) à ta place if I were in your position
  • 5en place [system, structure] in place [troops] in position [leader, party, regime] ruling ne plus tenir en place to be restless mettre en place to put [sth] in place [programme] to put [sth] in position [team] to establish, to set up [network, institution]
  • 9être dans la place to be on the inside avoir un pied dans la place to have a foot in the door

There are 2 translations of place in English:


Pronunciation: /plase/


pp adj

  • 1 (located) être placé [object, tap, window] to be [chair, table, statue] to be placed [person] [gen], to be (at the theatre, cinema) to be sitting être bien/mal placé [building, shop] to be well/badly situated [person] (at table, at a function) to have a good/bad place
  • 2 (in a hierarchy) être bien placé sur une liste to have a good position on the list il est bien placé pour le poste he's a likely candidate for the job avoir des amis haut placés to have friends in high places
  • 3être bien/mal placé pour faire (to succeed) to be well/badly placed to do (to know, judge) to be in a (good)/in no position to do