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Example sentences
  • Seguirán ferias en otras ciudades como Aguascalientes y otras del país azteca.
  • El pretender hacer creer que la ciudadela de nuestro Cusco pertenece a la cultura azteca y maya.
  • Los asesinatos no cesan en la nación azteca.
Example sentences
  • El venezolano marcó 134.6 libras, mientras que el azteca hizo 134.4 libras.
  • A pesar de eso, los aztecas tienen un grupo relativamente accesible en este mundial.
  • Los aztecas dijeron que estaban dispuestos a negociar sólo si les llegaba una oferta atractiva.
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Cultural Note: Aztecas

A náhuatl-speaking people of Central America who in the fourteenth century established a brilliant but tyrannical civilization in central and southern Mexico. The capital was Tenochtitlán, built on reclaimed marshland which became Mexico City. Renowned for their jewelry, the Aztecs were also skilled architects and used a writing system based on pictographs and hieroglyphs. The Aztec calendar followed a 52-year astronomical cycle. They worshipped the plumed serpent Quetzalcóatl and the war-god Huitzilopochtli, whom their priests appeased by human sacrifice. The Aztec empire collapsed in 1521 after defeat by the Spanish under Hernán Cortés and Pedro de Alvarado.