There are 2 translations of bicho in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 2 [familiar/colloquial] (persona — maligna) nasty piece of work [familiar/colloquial], nasty character [familiar/colloquial], mean son of a bitch (inglés norteamericano/American English) [argot/slang] (— fea) el pobre chico es un bicho the poor guy is so ugly … es un bicho raro he's an oddball o/or a queer fish [familiar/colloquial] me miró como si fuera un bicho raro he looked at me as if I was from another planet [familiar/colloquial] no había bicho viviente en la calle there wasn't a living soul on the street todo bicho viviente everyone bicho malo nunca muere (España/Spain) the devil looks after his own no comas eso que te hará mal — no te preocupes, bicho malo nunca muere don't eat that, it'll make you ill — don't worry, I'm as tough as old leather o/or (inglés británico/British English) boots

There are 2 translations of bicho in English:



  • (Venezuela) [familiar/colloquial], (expresando desagrado) ugh! [familiar/colloquial], yuck! [familiar/colloquial]