Translation of cortar in English:



  • 4 [viento] hacía un viento que me cortaba la cara there was a biting wind blowing in my face o [literary/literario] lashing my face
  • 13 (Chi) [animal] cortó al caballo de tanto galopar he rode the horse so hard that it collapsed


  • 6 (acortar camino)cortar por algo cortemos por el bosque/la plaza let's cut through the woods/across the square, let's take a short cut through the woods/across the square cortaron por el atajo they took the shortcut
  • 7 (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] (ir, dirigirse) cortaron para la ciudad they headed for o made for the city no sabía para dónde cortar (Chi) [familiar/colloquial] I/he didn't know which way to turn [colloquial/familiar]

cortarse v pron

  • 6 (Esp) [persona] (turbarse, aturdirse) no le digas eso que se corta don't say that to her, she'll get all embarrassed se corta cuando se ve entre mucha gente he comes over o goes all shy when there are too many people around [colloquial/familiar]
  • 7 (Chi) [familiar/colloquial], [animal] to collapse from exhaustion me corto de hambre/sed I'm dying of hunger/thirst

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