Translation of cumplir in English:



  • 3 [años/meses] mañana cumple 20 años she'll be o/or she's 20 tomorrow ¿cuándo cumples años? when's your birthday? ¡que cumplas muchos más! many happy returns! ¡que los cumplas muy feliz! have a very happy birthday! ese ya no cumple los cuarenta [humorístico/humorous] he won't see forty again [familiar, humorístico/colloquial, humorous] mañana cumplimos 20 años de casados (América Latina/Latin America) tomorrow we'll have been married 20 years, tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary la huelga cumple hoy su tercer día this is the third day of the strike


  • 1 1.1cumplir con algo [con un deber/una obligación] cumplimos con nuestro deber we did our duty yo cumplí con lo que se me había asignado I carried out the task assigned to me, I carried out o performed o [formal] discharged the duties assigned to me no cumplió con los trámites legales previstos he failed to comply with the relevant legal procedure cumple con su trabajo he does his job 1.2 (con una obligación social) lo invité a comer, creo que cumplí I took him out for lunch, so I think I've done my duty o/or [familiar/colloquial] my bit a ver si por una vez cumples I hope you'll do as you say o/or you'll keep your word for once nos invitó solo por cumplir she only invited us because she felt she ought to o she felt it was the thing to do o she felt it was expected of her, she only invited us out of dutycumplir con algn con los Pieri ya hemos cumplido as far as the Pieris are concerned, we've done what was expected of us o/or we've done our duty by them 1.3 [euf o/or hum] (en sentido sexual) se queja de que ya no cumple she complains that he doesn't do his duty as a husband o/or doesn't fulfill his conjugal duties any more [euph or hum]
  • 2 (en tercera persona/in third person) 2.1 [formal] (corresponder) me/nos cumple informarle que … [Correspondencia/Correspondence] I am/we are writing to inform you that … [formal] 2.2 [formal] (convenir) le cumple esforzarse más it behooves (inglés norteamericano/American English) o/or (inglés británico/British English) behoves you to make more of an effort [dated or frml], , it is in your best interest that you should make more of an effort

cumplirse v pron

  • 2 [plazo] mañana se cumple el plazo para pagar el impuesto tomorrow is the last day o/or is the deadline for paying the tax hoy se cumple el primer aniversario de su muerte today marks o/or is the first anniversary of her death

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