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Translation of desear in English:

verbo transitivo

  • 2 (querer) no se puede desear un novio mejor
    you couldn't wish for a better boyfriend
    un embarazo no deseado
    an unwanted pregnancy
    por fin podrá disfrutar de esas tan deseadas vacaciones
    at last you can really enjoy those long-awaited holidays
    lo que más deseo es volver a ver a mi hijo
    my greatest wish is to see my son again
    esa moto que tanto había deseado
    that motorcycle he had wanted so much o he had so longed for
    ¿qué desea? [formal]
    can I help you?
    what would you like?
    ¿desea el señor algo más? [formal]
    would you like anything else, sir?
    se lo podemos enviar si así lo desea
    we can send it to you if you (so) wish [formal]
    desearía una contestación antes del lunes
    I would like a reply before Monday
    I should like a reply before Monday (British English) [formal]
    desear + infinitivoel director desea verlo en su despacho [formal]
    the director would like to see you in his office
    the director wishes to see you in his office [formal]
    ¿desea la señora ver otro modelo? [formal]
    would you like me to show you another style, madam?
    desearía expresar mi satisfacción [formal]
    I would like to express my satisfaction
    I should like to express my satisfaction (British English) [formal]
    está deseando verte
    he's really looking forward to seeing you
    he's dying to see you [colloquial]
    desear que + subjuntivono deseamos que la situación llegue a tal extremo [formal]
    we would not wish the situation to reach that point [formal]
    ¿desea el señor que se lo envuelva? [formal]
    would you like me to wrap it for you, sir?
    desearía que me diera su respuesta esta semana [formal]
    I would like to have your reply this week
    I should like to have your reply this week (British English) [formal]
    estoy deseando que llegue el verano
    I can't wait for o I'm longing for summer
    estaba deseando que le dijeran que no
    I was really hoping they'd say no to him
    sería de desear que nos avisaran con dos semanas de antelación
    ideally we would like two weeks' notice
    dejar mucho que desear
    to leave a lot to be desired
    su rendimiento deja mucho que desear
    his performance leaves a lot to be desired
    vérselas y deseárselas
    to have a hard time (of it)
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