Translation of embromar in English:




(CS) [familiar/colloquial]

embromarse v pron

  • 1.1 (AmS) [familiar/colloquial] (fastidiarse) no estaba en casa así que se embromaron they were out of luck because he wasn't at home que se embrome por estúpido it serves him right o that's what he gets for being so stupid si no te gusta, te embromas if you don't like it, tough! o tough luck! o you'll just have to lump it! [colloquial/familiar] me embromé por no presentarlo a tiempo I messed things up for myself o ruined my chances by not sending it in on time [colloquial/familiar] 1.2 (AmS) [familiar/colloquial], (hacerse daño) to hurt oneself; [rodilla] to hurt, to screw up (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], , to do … in (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] 1.3 (AmS) [familiar/colloquial], [aparato/frenos] to go wrong 1.4 (AmS) [familiar/colloquial], (enfermarse) to get ill [colloquial/familiar] 1.5 (refl) (Chi) [familiar/colloquial], (molestarse) to put oneself out

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