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Translation of embromar in English:

transitive verb

  • 2 (Southern Cone) [colloquial] (tomar el pelo, engañar) lo embromamos, le hicimos creer que …
    we fooled or tricked him into believing that …
    ¡no me embromes!
    you're kidding or joking! [colloquial]
    you're putting me on! (US) [colloquial]
    you're having me on! (British) [colloquial]
    me embromó, me lo cobró carísimo
    he ripped me off, he charged me a fortune [colloquial]
  • 4 (South America) [colloquial] (perjudicar) la guerra nos embromó a todos
    we all suffered because of the war
    no te lo puedo pagar hoy — ¡me embromaste!
    I can't pay you for it today — now you've really landed me in it! [colloquial]

intransitive verb

(Southern Cone) [colloquial]
  • 1 (molestar) ¡déjate de embromar!
    stop being a pest or a pain! [colloquial]
    stop hassling me! [colloquial]

also: embromarse pronominal verb

  • 1 (South America) [colloquial] (fastidiarse) no estaba en casa así que se embromaron
    they were out of luck because he wasn't at home
    que se embrome por estúpido
    it serves him right or that's what he gets for being so stupid
    si no te gusta, te embromas
    if you don't like it, tough! or tough luck! or you'll just have to lump it! [colloquial]
    me embromé por no presentarlo a tiempo
    I messed things up for myself or ruined my chances by not sending it in on time [colloquial]
  • 4 (South America) [colloquial] (enfermarse)
    to get ill [colloquial]
  • 5 (reflexivo) (Chile) [colloquial] (molestarse)
    to put oneself out
Example sentences
  • No se puede permitir que algunos pasen la vida calentando sillas y embromando la vida de muchos estudiantes.
  • Uno de ellos le golpea la cabeza con la palma de la mano, otro lo empuja, los demás le piden que no les embrome la vida.
  • Entonces ¿porqué embromó tanto para que la trasladaran a la celda donde están las demás presas?
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