Translation of empezar in English:


verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 [película/conferencia/invierno] to begin, start el curso empieza el 16 the course begins o/or [formal] commences on the 16th ¿con qué letra empieza? what is the first letter?, what letter does it begin with? al empezar el siglo at the turn of the century ya han empezado los fríos the cold weather has arrived o/or started 1.2empezar a + infinitivo/infinitive to start to + infinitivo/infinitive, start -ing ha empezado a nevar it has started snowing, it has started to snow le empezó a entrar hambre she began o/or started to feel hungry empezó a hervir it began boiling o/or to boil, it came to the boil, it started boiling o/or to boil le han empezado a salir espinillas she's getting o/or starting to get pimples empieza a ser imposible conseguirlo it is becoming impossible to get it
  • 2 [persona] 2.1 (en una actividad) to start ¿cuándo empieza la nueva secretaria? when is the new secretary starting?, when does the new secretary start? empezó de aprendiz he started o/or began as an apprentice tendremos que empezar de nuevo or volver a empezar we'll have to start again todo es (cuestión de) empezar it'll be fine once we/you get started ¡ya empezamos otra vez! here we go again!empezar por algo/algn empecemos por el principio let's begin o/or start at the beginning empezó por la pared del fondo he started o/or began with the back wall no sabe por dónde empezar she doesn't know where to begin o/or start vamos a empezar por ti let's start with you 2.2empezar a + infinitivo/infinitive to start -ing, start to + infinitivo/infinitive cuando empezó a hablar se le fueron los nervios once she started o/or began talking, her nervousness disappeared tenía dos años cuando empezó a hablar she started talking when she was two empezó a llorar he began o/or started to cry 2.3empezar + gerundio/gerund to start by -ing empezó diciendo que sería breve she started o/or began by saying that she would be brief empezó trabajando de mecánico he started by working as a mechanic, he started out as a mechanic 2.4empezar por + infinitivo/infinitive to start o/or begin by -ing empieza por sentarte begin o/or start by taking a seat, take a seat first se empieza por marinar la carne first marinade the meat empecemos por estudiar el contexto histórico let's begin o/or start by looking at the historical context
  • 3para empezar, para empezar, me parece un disparate for a start o/or for one thing, I think it's a ridiculous idea para empezar, ¿quién te dio permiso para leer mi correspondencia? who gave you permission to read my letters anyway? para empezar, hay que limpiar la superficie first of all o/or to start with, you have to clean the surface

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

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