Translation of enfermar in English:



  • to fall ill, get ill, get sick (AmE) enfermó a los pocos meses de casarse a few months after his wedding he fell ill si sigue comiendo así va a enfermar if he carries on eating like that he's going to make himself ill o to get ill


  • [familiar/colloquial] to drive … mad [colloquial/familiar] la burocracia de este país me enferma the bureaucracy in this country really gets me o bugs me o drives me mad

enfermarse v pron

  • 1.1 (AmL) (caer enfermo) to fall ill, get ill, get sick (AmE) se enfermó del estómago she developed stomach trouble 1.2 (CS) [eufemismo/euphemism], (menstruar) to get one's period

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