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Translation of enrollar in English:

verbo transitivo

also: enrollarse verbo pronominal

  • 2 (Spain) [colloquial] 2.1 (hablar mucho) no te enrolles y ve al grano
    stop jabbering on o waffling and get to the point [colloquial]
    no te enrolles hablando por teléfono
    don't stay on the phone too long
    se enrolla como una persiana
    she really goes on [colloquial]
    she can talk the hind leg off a donkey
    to make out together (American English) [colloquial]
    to get off together (British English) [colloquial]
    enrollarse con alguien
    to make out with somebody (American English) [colloquial]
    to get off with somebody (British English) [colloquial]
    se enrolló con mi prima pero no duró mucho
    he had a thing (going) with my cousin but it didn't last long
    2.3 (con una actividad)enrollarse con algo
    to get into something [colloquial]
    se enrollaron hablando de política
    they got deep into conversation about politics
    2.4 (animarse)
    to get into the swing [colloquial]
    get with it (British English) [slang]
    enrollarse bien (Spain) [slang], se enrolla muy bien con la gente
    he gets on very well with o he has a way with people
    ese pinchadiscos se enrolla muy bien
    that disc jockey is really cool [colloquial]
Example sentences
  • Algunas te permiten enrollar la bobina mientras coses, otras no.
  • "Para enrollar el hilo se utiliza el carrete, llamado antiguamente como ""roldana""."
  • Tenía las manos sobre la mesa y jugaba enrollando un pequeño papel.
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