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entender 1

verbo transitivo

  • 2 [formal] 2.1 (concebir, opinar) yo entiendo que deberíamos esperar un poco más
    in my view o as I see it, we should wait a little longer
    no es así como yo entiendo la amistad
    that is not how I see o understand friendship
    that is not my idea of friendship
    2.2 (interpretar, deducir) ¿debo entender que desean prescindir de mis servicios?
    am I to understand o infer that you wish to dispense with my services?
    me dio a entender que ya lo sabía
    she gave me to understand that she already knew
    no lo dijo claramente, pero lo dio a entender
    she did not say so in so many words, but she implied it

verbo intransitivo

  • 2 (saber)entender de algo
    to know about something
    no entiendo nada de economía
    I don't know a thing about economics
    ¿tú entiendes de estas cosas?
    do you know anything about these things?
  • 3 (Derecho)entender en un caso
    to hear a case

also: entenderse verbo pronominal

  • 1 1.1 (comunicarse)entenderse con alguien
    to communicate with somebody
    se entienden por señas
    they communicate (with each other) through signs
    they use sign language to communicate with each other
    a ver si nos entendemos ¿quién le pegó a quién?
    1.2 (llevarse bien)entenderse con alguien
    to get along o on with somebody
    tú te entiendes mejor con él
    you get along o on better with him than I do
    creo que nos vamos a entender
    I think we're going to get on o get along fine
    1.3 (arreglarse)entenderse con alguien
    to deal with somebody
    es mejor entenderse directamente con el jefe
    you are advised to deal directly with the boss
    allá se las entienda [colloquial]
    that's his/her problem
    entendérselas con alguien
    to fix something up with somebody
    1.4 [colloquial] (tener un lío amoroso)entenderse con alguien
    to have an affair with somebody
  • 2 (reflexivo) ni él mismo se entiende
    he doesn't know what he's doing himself
    déjame, yo me entiendo
    leave me alone, I know what I'm doing
Example sentences
  • Sergio se molestó y es bueno entender bien porqué.
  • Una presentación bíblica clave te ayudará a entender el significado de la lectura.
  • DGH entiende la palabra cacha con mensaje o envío.
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There are 2 entries that translate entender into English:

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entender 2

sustantivo masculino

  • a mi/tu/su entender
    in my/your/his opinion
    to my/your/his mind
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