Translation of equivocar in English:



  • 1.1 [persona] to make … make a mistake, to make … go wrong ya me hiciste equivocar now you've made me go wrong o make a mistake, I've made a mistake o gone wrong now because of you no me hables mientras cuento que me equivocas don't talk to me while I'm counting, you'll make me go wrong o you'll put me off o you'll make me lose count 1.2 (elegir mal) equivocó el camino dedicándose a la enseñanza he chose the wrong career when he went in for teaching

equivocarse v pron

  • (cometer un error) to make a mistake; (estar en un error) to be wrong o/or mistaken te equivocas, no se lo dije a nadie you're wrong o/or mistaken, I didn't tell anyone me equivoqué con él I was wrong about himequivocarse de algo me equivoqué de autobús I took the wrong bus es fácil equivocarse de calle it's easy to go down/get the wrong street la reunión es el jueves, no te equivoques de día the meeting's on Thursday, don't get the day wrong me equivoqué de paraguas, este no es el mío I picked up the wrong umbrella, this one isn't mine

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