Translation of errado in English:




  • 1 (desacertado) un total de 45 puntos con cinco tiros errados a total of 45 points and five misses un golpe errado a mishit terminó con un remate errado de Sánchez it ended with Sánchez shooting wide/high, it ended with Sánchez missing his shot
  • 2 (esp AmL) 2.1[estar] [persona] mistaken, wrong estás errado, ella no tuvo nada que ver en el asunto you're mistaken o wrong, she had nothing to do with it están muy errados en estos cálculos they're way off the mark o a long way out o miles out with these calculations [colloquial/familiar] 2.2[ser] [decisión] wrong [política] misguided la errada política económica de este gobierno the misguided economic policy of this government fue una decisión errada mandarlos a ese colegio I/they made the o a wrong decision (in) sending them to that school

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