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Translation of importar in English:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (tener importancia, interés) se me olvidó — bueno, no importa
    I forgot — well, never mind or well, it doesn't matter
    no importa que sea caro si es de buena calidad
    it doesn't matter if it's expensive as long as it's good quality
    no importa quién lo haga
    it doesn't matter or it makes no difference who does it
    no importa el tamaño
    the size isn't important or doesn't matter
    ¿qué importa que él no venga?
    what does it matter or what difference does it make if he doesn't come?
    ahora lo que importa es que te recuperes
    the important thing now is for you to get better
    (+ me/te/le etc) no me importa lo que pueda pensar él
    I don't care what he thinks
    ¿a mí qué me importa que a él no le guste?
    what do I care if he doesn't like it?
    ¿a ti qué te importa?
    what business is it of yours?
    what's it to you? [colloquial]
    yo no le importo — sí que le importas, y mucho
    I don't mean a thing to him — that's not true, he cares a great deal for or about you
    me importa un bledo or un comino or un pepino or un pimiento or un pito or un rábano or (Mexico) un cacahuate [colloquial]
    I couldn't care less
    I don't give a damn [colloquial]
    me importa un carajo or un huevo or (Colombia) un culo [vulgar]
    I don't give a fuck [vulgar]
    I don't give a toss (British) [slang]
    meterse en lo que no le importa [colloquial]
    to poke one's nose into other people's business [colloquial]
    cállate y no te metas en lo que no te importa
    shut up and don't poke your nose into other people's business!
    shut up and mind your own business! [colloquial]
  • 2 (molestar) (+ me/te/le etc) ¿te importaría dejarlo para mañana?
    would you mind leaving it till tomorrow?
    no me importa viajar de noche
    I don't mind traveling at night
    I'm quite happy to travel at night
    a mí no me importaría venir el sábado
    I wouldn't mind coming on Saturday
    I'd be quite happy to come on Saturday
    si no te importa, hoy me voy a ir temprano
    if it's all right with you, I'm going to leave early today
    no me importa que me llame a casa
    I don't mind you calling me at home
    ¿le importaría acompañarme?
    would you mind accompanying me?
Example sentences
  • Si no tiene nada que ver, pues nos debe importar más bien poco.
  • Lo que debe importar es si el argumento es correcto o incorrecto.
  • Esta elección nos importa o nos debe importar a todos los peruanos.
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