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  • 1 1.1 (claridad) light la luz del sol the sunlight a las 10 de la noche todavía hay luz it's still light at 10 o'clock at night la habitación tiene mucha luz it's a very light room, the room gets a lot of light me está dando la luz en los ojos the light's in my eyes a plena luz del día in broad daylight esta bombilla da muy poca luz this bulb isn't very bright o/or doesn't give off much light no leas con tan poca luz don't read in such poor light la habitación estaba a media luz the room was in semi-darkness/half-light esta planta necesita mucha luz this plant needs a lot of light me estás tapando or quitando la luz you're in my light, you're blocking the light partieron con las primeras luces [literario/literary] they left at first light [literario/literary] claro como la luz del día, fue él, eso está claro como la luz del día it was him, that's patently obvious, it was him, it's as plain as daylight bueno ¿te ha quedado claro? — como la luz del día right, is that clear then? — crystal clear dar a luz to give birth dio a luz (a) un precioso bebé she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy entre dos luces [literario/literary], (al amanecer) at daybreak [literario/literary], at first light [literario/literary], at dawn (al anochecer) at twilight [literario/literary], at dusk sacar algo a la luz [secreto/escándalo] to bring sth to light [publicación] to bring out salir a la luz [secreto/escándalo] to come to light [publicación] to come out el diario salió a la luz en 1951 the newspaper first came out o/or was first published in 1951 el segundo número nunca salió a la luz the second issue never saw the light of day o/or was never published ser de or tener pocas luces [familiar/colloquial] to be dim-witted o/or (inglés británico/British English) dim tiene pocas luces he's a bit dim-witted o/or dim, he's not very bright ser una luz (Argentina) to be as bright as a button ver la luz [literario/literary] [persona] to come into the world [literario/literary] [publicación] to be published (for the first time) 1.2 (que permite la comprensión) a la luz de los últimos acontecimientos in the light of recent events arrojar or echar luz sobre algo to throw o/or cast o/or shed light on sth a todas luces, esto es, a todas luces, una injusticia whichever way o/or however o/or no matter how you look at it, this is an injustice hacérsele la luz a algn, entonces se me hizo la luz then it became clear to me


    luz artificial

    • artificial light

    luz blanca

    luz cenital

    luz natural

    • natural light

    luz negra

  • 4 [Tauromaquia/Bullfighting] siempre había soñado con vestirse de luces he had always dreamed of becoming a bullfighter traje de luces

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