There are 4 translations of mal in English:



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There are 4 translations of mal in English:


adjetivo invariable/invariable adjective

  • 1 1.1estar mal (enfermo, con mal aspecto) to be bad o/or ill (anímicamente) to be o/or feel low [familiar/colloquial], to be o/or feel down [familiar/colloquial] me siento mal I don't feel well, I feel ill hace días que ando mal del estómago I've been having trouble with my stomach for some days now lo encontré muy mal, pálido y desmejorado he didn't seem at all well, he looked pale and sickly está muy mal, no se ha repuesto de lo del marido she's in a bad way, she hasn't got over what happened to her husband ¡éste está mal de la cabeza! he's not right in the head esas cosas me ponen mal things like that really upset me 1.2 (incómodo, a disgusto) ¿tan mal estás aquí que te quieres ir? are you so unhappy here that you want to leave? tú allí estás mal you aren't comfortable there
  • 2 [familiar/colloquial] (en frases negativas/in negative sentences) (refiriéndose al atractivo sexual) no está nada mal he's/she's not at all bad [familiar/colloquial]
  • 4 (insatisfactorio) los soufflés siempre me quedan mal my soufflés never turn out right estoy or quedé or salí muy mal en esta foto I look awful in this photo le queda mal ese peinado that hairstyle doesn't suit her la casa no está mal, pero es cara the house isn't bad o/or is quite nice but it's expensive sacarnos un millón no estaría nada mal I wouldn't mind winning a million
  • 6 (indicando escasez)estar mal de algo estamos mal de dinero we're hard up [familiar/colloquial], we're short of money estamos mal de arroz we have hardly any rice (left), we're low on o/or almost out of rice

There are 4 translations of mal in English:



  • 2 (desventajosamente) se casó muy mal she made a bad marriage vendieron muy mal la casa they got a terrible price for the house el negocio marcha mal the business isn't doing very well
  • 5 (difícilmente) mal puedes saber si te gusta si no lo has probado you can hardly say o/or I don't see how you can say whether you like it when you haven't even tried it

There are 4 translations of mal in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 2 (daño, perjuicio) no le perdono todo el mal que me hizo I can't forgive her all the wrong she did me le estás haciendo un mal consintiéndole todo you're doing her a disservice o/or you're not doing her any good by giving in to her all the time el divorcio de sus padres le hizo mucho mal her parents' divorce did her a lot of harm lo que me dijo me hizo mucho mal what he said hurt me deeply o/or really hurt me ver tb mal3 6
  • 3 (inconveniente, problema) los males que aquejan a nuestra sociedad the ills afflicting our society la contaminación es uno de los males de nuestro tiempo pollution is one of the evils of our time a grandes males grandes remedios desperate situations call for desperate measures no hay mal que cien años dure nothing goes on for ever no hay mal que por bien no venga every cloud has a silver lining mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos, … pero a mucha gente le pasó lo mismo — mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos … but the same thing happened to a lot of other people — so that makes you feel better, does it? [ironic] todos mis amigos suspendieron también, así que mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos all my friends failed too, so that's some consolation, I suppose o/or so that makes things a bit better, I suppose quien canta sus males espanta problems don't seem so bad if you keep cheerful


    mal menor

    • (entre dos alternativas) lesser of two evils eso fue un mal menor porque se podría haber matado in fact he was lucky o/or he can count himself lucky, he could have been killed