Translation of miedo in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • fear ¡qué miedo pasamos! we were so frightened o/or scared! el miedo se apoderó de ellos they were gripped by o/or overcome with fear estaba temblando de miedo he was trembling with fear casi me muero de miedo I almost died of fright, I was scared half to death [familiar/colloquial] me da miedo salir de noche I'm afraid to go o/or of going out at night esto le hará perder el miedo this will help him overcome his fear estaba que se cagaba de miedo [vulgar] he was shit-scared o/or scared shitless [vulgar] miedo a algo/algn fear of sth/sb el miedo a la muerte/a lo desconocido fear of death/the unknown le tiene miedo a la oscuridad/su padre he's scared o frightened o afraid of the dark/his father cogerle or agarrarle miedo a algo/algn to become frightened o/or scared of sth/sb por miedo a ser descubierto for fear of being found out tengo miedo de perderme I'm worried o/or afraid I might get lost tiene miedo de caerse he's afraid of falling, he's afraid he might fall tengo miedo de que se ofenda I'm afraid he will take offense, I'm worried he might take offense de miedo (especialmente España/especially Spain) [familiar/colloquial], se ha comprado un coche de miedo he's bought himself a fantastic o/or great car [familiar/colloquial] en la fiesta lo pasamos de miedo we had a fantastic o/or great time at the party [familiar/colloquial] jugaron de miedo they played fantastically o/or brilliantly [familiar/colloquial] hace un frío de miedo it's freezing cold película


    miedo escénico

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