There are 2 translations of parecer in English:


verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 (aparentar ser) parece mucho mayor de lo que es she looks much older than she is parece muy simpática she seems very nice pareces tonto, no te enteras de nada are you stupid or something? you never know what's going on vestida así parece una artista de cine she looks like a movie star dressed like that no pareces tú en esta foto this picture doesn't look like you (at all), it's not a good likeness of you es de plástico pero parece de cuero it's plastic but it looks like leather
  • 2parecer + infinitivo/infinitive to seem to + infinitivo/infinitive el problema parece no tener solución there appears o seems o [formal] would seem to be no solution to the problem parece tener más habilidad de la que creímos al principio she seems to be o/or it seems she is more skillful than we thought at first todo parece indicar que … everything seems to o appears to o [formal] would seem to indicate that …
  • 3 (expresando opinión) (+ me/te/le etc) sus comentarios me parecieron muy acertados I thought his remarks (were) very apt, his remarks seemed very apt to me elegí la que me pareció mejor I chose the one that I thought was the best o/or the one that seemed the best todo le parece mal he's never happy with anything ¿qué te parecieron mis primos? what did you think of my cousins? su interpretación me pareció pobrísima I thought o/or felt she gave a very poor performance, to my mind her performance was very poor
  • 4 4.1 (en tercera persona/in third person) según parece or al parecer or a lo que parece todo marcha viento en popa it looks as though everything's going smoothly, everything seems to be going smoothly ¿por fin se van? — así parece or parece que sí are they finally going? — it looks like it o/or it would seem so aunque no lo parezca, estuve limpiando toda la mañana it might not look like it, but I spent the whole morning cleaning ¿le gusta? — parece que no does he like it? — apparently not parece que no, pero cansa muchísimo you wouldn't think so, but it's very tiring 4.2 (+ me/te/le etc) hazlo como mejor te parezca or como te parezca mejor do it however o/or as you think best como a usted le parezca whatever you think best creo que deberíamos invitarlos — ¿te parece? I think we ought to invite them — do you think so? vamos a la playa ¿te parece? let's go to the beach, would you like to?, do you fancy going to the beach? (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] podemos reunirnos mañana, si te parece bien we could meet up tomorrow if that's alright o OK with you o if that suits you ¿habrán entendido? — me parece que sí do you think they understood? — I think so creo que así está bien ¿a ti qué te parece? I think it's alright like that, what do you think? o/or [familiar/colloquial] what do you reckon?
  • 5 5.1 (en tercera persona/in third person)parecer que + indicativo/indicative parece que va a llover it looks like (it's going to) rain parece que fue ayer it seems like only yesterday parece (ser) que tiene razón she appears to be right, it seems she's right parece (ser) que ha habido un malentendido there appears to have been o/or it seems there has been a misunderstanding parecería que ahora están dipuestos a negociar it would seem that they are now ready to negotiate 5.2 (+ me/te/le etc) me/nos parece que tiene razón I/we think she's right me pareció que no era necesario llamarlo I didn't think it necessary to phone him ¿te parece que estas son horas de llegar a casa? what do you mean by coming home at this time?, what sort of time is this to be coming home?
  • 6 (en tercera persona/in third person) 6.1 (+ subjuntivo/+ subjunctive) parece increíble que hayan sobrevivido el accidente it seems incredible that they survived the accident parece mentira que ya tenga 20 años it's hard to believe o I can't believe o it seems incredible that she's 20 already (+ me/te/le etc) me parece difícil que venga I think it's unlikely she'll come me parece raro que no te lo haya comentado it seems odd o I find it odd o I think it's odd that he hasn't mentioned it to you me parece importante que ella esté presente I think it's important that she (should) be here 6.2 (+ infinitivo/+ infinitive) (+ me/te/le etc) me parece importante dejar esto claro I think it's important to make this clear ¿te parece bonito contestarle así a tu madre? is that any way to speak to your mother?
  • 7 (en tercera persona/in third person) 7.1parecer que + subjuntivo imperfecto/imperfect subjunctive parece que para él no pasaran los años he never seems to get any older tiene 40 años — parece que tuviera muchos menos she's 40 — she looks much younger o/or you'd think she was much younger 7.2no parecer que + subjuntivo/subjunctive no parecía que la situación fuera a cambiar it didn't look as though the situation was going to change no parece que le haya hecho mucha gracia la idea it doesn't look as though he liked the idea much, he doesn't seem to have been very taken with the idea (+ me/te/le etc) no me parece que esté tan mal I don't think it's that bad

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (parecerse)

  • 1.1 (asemejarse) parecerse a algn/algo (en lo físico) to look like sb/sth, to be like sb/sth (en el carácter) to be like sb/sth esa casa se parece bastante a la nuestra that house is rather like ours o/or fairly similar to ours no son millonarios ni nada que se le parezca they're not millionaires, not by any means o/or [familiar/colloquial] not by a long shot (inglés norteamericano/American English) o/or (inglés británico/British English) chalk quien a los suyos se parece en nada los desmerece like breeds like 1.2 (recíproco) to be alike no se parecen en nada they're not/they don't look in the least bit alike estos cuadros se parecen mucho these pictures are very similar

There are 2 translations of parecer in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun