Translation of piel in English:



  • 1 [Anat] [Zool] skin piel grasa/seca oily o greasy/dry skin estirarse la piel to have a facelift las culebras cambian la piel snakes shed their skin dejarse la piel [familiar/colloquial] to sweat blood, to work one's butt off (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], , to slog one's guts out (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] quitarle or sacarle a algn la piel a tiras to tear sb to shreds o pieces [colloquial/familiar] se me/te pone la piel de gallina I/you get gooseflesh o goose pimples o goose bumps ser de la piel del diablo or (Méx, RPl) ser (como) la piel de Judas [familiar/colloquial] to be a little monster o devil [colloquial/familiar] tener (la) piel de gallina to have gooseflesh o goose bumps o goose pimples


    piel de invierno

    piel roja


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