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  • 2 (necesario) necessary si es preciso se pide un préstamo if necessary we can ask for a loan si es preciso tendremos que contárselo if need be we'll have to tell him haré lo que sea preciso I will do whatever is necessary o whatever I have to factores que hacen precisa la planificación de la economía factors which make economic planning necessary o a necessity ser preciso + inf to be necessary to + inf no es preciso entregarlo hoy it doesn't have to be handed in today, it's not necessary to hand it in today fue preciso darle un sedante he had to be given a sedativeser preciso + subj es preciso que te vayas inmediatamente you must go right away, it is essential that you leave immediately será preciso que vayas a buscarlo it will be necessary for you to go and find him, you will have to go and find him no es preciso que estemos todos con ella there's no need for all of us to be with her, we needn't all be with her
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