There are 3 translations of punta in English:


adjetivo invariable/invariable adjective

  • en la hora punta during the rush hour un sector punta de nuestra industria a sector which is at the forefront of our industry velocidad punta top speed

There are 3 translations of punta in English:


nombre femenino/feminine noun

  • 1 1.1 (de la lengua, los dedos) tip; (de la nariz) end, tip; (del pan) end mojó la punta del pincel she wetted the tip of the paintbrush en la otra punta de la mesa at the other end of the table vivo en la otra punta de la ciudad I live on the other side o/or at the other end of town con la punta del pie with his toes me recorrí la ciudad de punta a punta I traipsed all over town o/or from one end of town to the other bailaba en puntas de pie (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) she danced on the tips of her toes o/or [formal] on her points entró caminando en puntitas de pie para no despertarlo (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) she tiptoed in o/or she went in on tiptoe so as not to wake him a punta (de) pala (España/Spain) [familiar/colloquial] loads [familiar/colloquial] tiene dinero a punta pala she's loaded [familiar/colloquial], she's got pots o stacks o loads of money [familiar/colloquial] a punta de pistola or (Perú/Peru) de bala at gunpoint hasta la punta de los pelos or del pelo [familiar/colloquial], estoy hasta la punta del pelo de este trabajo I've had it up to here o/or I'm fed up to the backteeth with this job [familiar/colloquial] ir/ponerse de punta en blanco to be/get dressed up la punta del iceberg the tip of the iceberg tener algo en la punta de la lengua to have sth on the tip of one's tongue lo tengo en la punta de la lengua it's on the tip of my tongue, I have it on the tip of my tongue 1.2
    (puntas femenino plural)
    (del pelo) ends (plural) vengo a cortarme las puntas I'd like a trim


    puntas de espárrago

    nombre plural femenino/plural feminine noun
  • 4 [Deporte/Sport] juega en la punta he's a forward o/or striker
  • 6 (Cono Sur/Southern Cone) [familiar/colloquial] (montón) costó una punta de plata it cost a lot of money o/or [familiar/colloquial] a fortune tiene una punta de cosas que hacer she has loads o/or stacks of things to do [familiar/colloquial] son una punta de asesinos they're a bunch of murderers [familiar/colloquial]
  • 7a punta de (América Latina/Latin America) [familiar/colloquial], a punta de repetírselo mil veces by telling him it a thousand times se curó a punta de antibióticos he got better by taking antibiotics a punta de palos lo hicieron obedecer they beat him until he did as he was told una dieta a punta de líquidos a liquid-based diet

There are 3 translations of punta in English:


nombre masculino y femenino/masculine and feminine noun