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  • 5 (ir a buscar) [persona] to pick up, fetch, collect; [paquete] to collect, pick up [equipaje] [Aviac] to reclaim ¿a qué hora pasan a recoger la basura? what time do they come to take away o collect the garbage (AmE) o (BrE) rubbish? el autobús pasará a recogernos a las ocho the bus will come by to collect us o pick us up at eight ¿puedes recoger el traje del tinte? can you fetch o pick up the suit from the dry-cleaners voy adentro a recoger las maletas I'll go inside and get the suitcases fui a recoger mis cosas I went to get o to pick up my things
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  • 7 (incluir, registrar) la obra recoge el trasfondo social de aquel momento the work depicts the social context of that time la imagen recoge el momento en que … the picture shows o captures the moment in which … el informe recoge estas últimas estadísticas these latest statistics figure o appear in the report esta acepción no la recoge ningún diccionario this meaning isn't included in o isn't in any dictionary su obra está siendo recogida en cuatro volúmenes his works are being collected for publication in four volumes un espectáculo que recoge tres de sus obras breves a show which brings together three of his short works


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