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What is is your destination whenever you need language guidance: every time you need to know the meaning or pronunciation of a word, how to translate it into another language, or whether you’re using it correctly. It’s your first point of reference and your guide to the language of today.

Language matters. At Oxford Dictionaries, we are committed to bringing you the benefit of our language expertise to help you connect with your world.

English definitions and synonyms

Checking the meaning of a word, or finding the right word to use and how to use it or say it, is part of everyday work, study, and play. Oxford provides hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciations for English across the world, derived from our language research and expert analysis. We also offer a unique set of examples of real usage so that you can be sure you are getting the most accurate information on the language.

English grammar and usage

From using apostrophes correctly and knowing the difference between affect and effect, to understanding sentence structure and using punctuation correctly, our English grammar section has everything you need to enhance and invigorate your writing from quick tips and FAQs to a complete crash course in punctuation.

Visit our grammar section >

Arabic dictionary resources

Our online Arabic-English / English-Arabic dictionary includes more than 330,000 words, phrases, and translations, plus 70,000 example sentences. Designed for both Arabic and English native speakers, the dictionary includes the latest vocabulary from computing, business, the media, and the arts in both languages to ensure you have the most up-to-date words at your fingertips.

With translations based on real modern evidence and computational analysis of words in both English and Modern Standard Arabic, this ground-breaking work is essential for anyone who uses Arabic and English, whether as a student, for business, or as a teacher or translatorany serious student of Arabic or English, as well as academics, professionals, business people, teachers, and translators.

Available with an Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic subscription

Spanish dictionary resources

Our Spanish dictionary has more than 800,000 words, phrases, and translations so you can be confident of finding the information you need, whether you are a professional user, student, or learner, or just need some everyday help for business or travel.

There are also plenty of additional resources to support your learning or help with translation tasks, as well as information on the Spanish language and culture. Our Spanish content is created in consultation with expert advisors and native speakers, and our editors use the latest technology to search millions of words of real text to identify how the language is used in context as well as the most recent additions to Spanish and English. 

Other languages

In addition to our vast collection of English language resources, you can find translations for everyday vocabulary in French, German, and Italian, with more languages to come. All of our bilingual language content is created by native speakers of each language, working with computational tools to analyse millions of words of language together to find the right translations, new phrases, and changing patterns of usage.

Connect with a world of words

Home to our blog for word lovers, provides answers to all sorts of language questions as well as insights into language development and change.

You will find answers to questions about vocabulary, grammar, and word origins from the important to the just fun-to-know.

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Get even more from Oxford Dictionaries

The highest quality dictionary and grammar content available built from Oxford’s extensive research programme is available free on To enjoy ad-free browsing, access extra examples of usage, and unlock professional language reference resources, you can upgrade to a premium account:

  • An English Silver subscription gives you ad-free browsing and access to 1.9 million extra examples – perfect for enhancing your written and spoken English.
  • An English Gold subscription includes professional resources New Hart’s RulesPocket Fowler’s Modern English Usage (or Garner’s Modern American Usage for US English users)New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, and Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage – ideal for those who work with English regularly.

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